Client: Bumble
Date: Oct 2020
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More than half (53%) of Black people across the UK don’t see themselves represented in images of love in mainstream online spaces. The lack of representation is evenstronger amongst Black women (67%).

Research done by social app Bumble shows that more than 3 in 4 Black people in the UK (79%) think there is a lack of relatable images and stories about dating as a Black person in the UK.

This should come as no surprise when searches of keywords relating to love such as ‘romance’, ‘relationship’, and ‘couple’ show little to no depictions of Black People.

Together with Metallic, and leading British artists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs and activists, Bumble is launching a new campaign to better document Black Love.

#MyLoveIsBlackLove aims to better represent the breadth of Black Love in a real and uniquely British way. Throughout the month of October, more than 30 Black British voices will share real, unscripted reflections on what love means to them. By focusing on the joy of Black love the initiative aims to diversify the narratives of the Black experiences highlighted in mainstream media.