Client: Hulu
Date: Aug 2019
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The ‘Hulu Sellouts’ campaign is about as transparent as it gets, showing athletes who will gladly ‘sell out’ for the money Hulu is giving them to promote the platform’s live sports offering. Now, a cat and a running back have been added to the mix.

In the weeks leading up to the official start of the NFL season, Hulu’s next phase of the campaign will star Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley and a cat.

The spot features self-proclaimed ‘Cat Dude’ Todd Gurley as the newest #HuluSellout along with the hottest cat influencer in the game – Mr Hulu Has Live Sports – who happens to have an official verified Instagram account of his own. In the spot, we see the cat in a football stadium set, playing and jumping for a ball. Pull out to see that the video is being watched by Gurley at home with a friend. The friend asks if Gurley is being paid by Hulu to make cat videos with “catfluencer” Mr Hulu Has Live Sports – who is watching the videos from his elaborate cat perch – to which Gurley replies, “Yup.” Gurley states he isn’t being paid anything, but Mr Hulu is raking in the dough. It ends with the cat and Gurley on a Hulu interview set throwing money and saying that Hulu has live sports.


Creative Agency: BFT (Big Family Table)

Production Company: Hungry Man

Post VFX: Tribbo Post

Director: Dave Laden

Group Account Director: Chris Carter

Executive Creative Director: Guto Araki

Group Strategy Director: Will Burroughs

Head of Production: Mary Ellen Duggan

Senior Producer: Judd Stricker

Creative Director: Eric Manchester

Creative Director: Neal Desai