Jontex: Edible Candy Wrapper by BETC Sao Paulo

Client: Jontex
Date: Jun 2018
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Educating the population about condom usage in Brazil takes persistence and overcoming preconceived notions. To wit, there's a common saying that “sex with a condom is like eating candy with the wrapper on” – an old perception that slows the STD prevention investments made by brands and government.

To counteract this common saying, as well as highlighting the benefits of the new Jontex Real Feel – a latex free condom, that, according to the company, allows for real skin-to-skin touch sensation – the brand, in partnership with BETC São Paulo, launched a campaign with an unusual concept: an edible candy wrapper.

The edible wrapper was designed to prove that eating candy with a wrapper on and having sex with a condom can both be rewarding. The brand sent a special kit with the candy and the new Jontex Real Feel to digital influencers and distributed samplings in bars.


Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Brand: Jontex

Agency: BETC São Paulo

CCO: Erh Ray

Creative: Rodolfo Barreto, Daniel Schiavon, Alexandre Ravagnani, Chico Lucas, Americo Vizer, Fillipe Abreu, Gustavo Guives, José Pedro Bortolini e Vitor Prado

Creative Project Management: Gabriela Muller

Brand&Business: Daniela Keller e Luana Gregorio

Communications & PR: Camila Nakagawa

Strategy: Renata Bokel, Utymo Oliveira e Paula Lins

Channels & Engagement: Carlinha Gagliardi, Felippe Sobrinho, Ruy Neto, Artur Martins e Herlan Honorato

Production: Mariane Goebel, Anna Ferraz, Julia Padovan e Daniela Nammur

Graphic Production: Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano, Robson DeVitto, Plínio Junior, Márcio Brusaferro

Production Company: Corazon Filmes

Director: Premier King

Motion Producer: Tiago Hasegawa

Audio Production: Cabaret Studio

Client Approval: Guilherme Nogueira, Paula Neves e Juliana Rufino

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