Date: Aug 2019
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A Malaysia radio station has taken aim at a Netflix documentary called Street Food, which focused on food in Asia Pacific, but excluded Malaysia, with a new campaign.

The campaign by BFM 89.9 wants to unite Malaysians for their love of the country’s food, to “correct the glaring mistake” of featuring Malaysia’s neighbouts like Singapore and Indonesia, but leaving out the country.

The documentary began streaming on Netflix on April 26 and aside from Singapore and Indonesia, featured street food from countries like Thailand, Japan, India, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Created by independent advertising agency Fishermen and called #BersatuForMakan (Unite for Food), the campaign is also timed for the upcoming Malaysia’s National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations.

The campaign also includes a petition to get Netflix to run the campaign’s video as part of its Street Food series. So far, the petition has garnered close to 8,000 signatures, including signatures from brands like McDonald’s.