McDonald's: Pollock to Pollock by Bernstein-Rein

Client: McDonald's
Date: Mar 2017
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To promote its Filet-O-Fish sandwich during Lent, McDonald's has rolled out a campaign that plugs the fast-food chain's sustainably sourced fish. The campaign features a man named Davis who hails from landlocked Pollock, South Dakota and "conveniently likes to fish," according to the agency. For the ads, McDonald's took Davis to Kodiak, Alaska where he spent time aboard Trident Seafood's Viking Explorer to see where the Alaska pollock in the chain's Filet-O-Fish comes from.


ECD: Lara Wyckoff

CD/Art Director: Darren Brickel

CD/Copywriter: Bryan Mohr

Producer: Lauren Langfitt

Production Company: Supply & Demand

Director: Amy Nicholson

DP: Billy Peña

Line Producer: Ely Siler

Executive Producer: Rika Osenberg

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