Client: Hey Girls
Date: Aug 2018
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Social enterprise Hey Girls UK has printed a DIY sanitary towel in this morning’s newspapers to highlight the grim options available to young girls who cannot afford sanitary items.

The double-sided ad has been designed to capture the attention of readers with a cut-out outline of a sanitary towel, with ‘fold’ printed on its wings.

Those that turn the page, however, are presented with a stark fact: ‘One in 10 girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products. Every month they’re forced to use loo roll, socks, or even a newspaper.’

The copy also features a call to action – for every box of Hey Girls sanitary towels purchased, the organisation donates a pack to girls in period poverty.


Client: Celia Hodson

Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim

Deputy ECDs: Ant Nelson, Mike Sutherland

Copywriter: Sali Horsey

Art director: Zoe Nash

Design: King Henry Design

Designer, King Henry Design: Santi Rey

Artwork, King Henry Design: Emma Vincent-Pagden

Agency Producer: Nickie Dixon

Planner: Milla McPhee

Managing Partner: Charlotte Cook

Account Managers: Kathryn Gooding, Katie Briefel

Media Agency: 7Stars

Managing Partner, 7stars: Liam Mullins

Media Planner, 7stars: Isaac Atite

Sampling Agency: Pod Staffing