Pilgrims Choice: Charlie's Dream by Above+Beyond

Date: May 2018
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Cheese-loving consumers will soon see their dreams turned into advertising in a new integrated advertising campaign for Ornua UK-owned cheddar brand Pilgrims Choice, created by Above+Beyond. The TV launch film, 'Charlie’s Dream', blends live performance, puppetry and CGI to recreate a consumer’s real dream, which was one of many dreams sourced from cheese lovers across the UK. The ad kicks off with 'Cheese Dreams', an integrated campaign for Pilgrims Choice, which is the UK’s number two branded cheddar.

The strategy was inspired by research into the naturally occurring amino acids in cheese, which indicates that the idea of eating cheese at night leading to vivid, unusual dreams may be more than an old wives’ tale; and that a strong cheddar is more likely to have this effect.

The social and out-of-home campaign will be followed by TV at the beginning of June as part of a major push that also includes print and in-store promotions. For the social element, consumers will be invited to submit their own cheese-fuelled dreams for a chance to see them turned into animated gifs.


Client: Ornua UK

Agency: Above+Beyond

Production co: Blinkink

Director: Joseph Mann

Co-Director: Rune Spaans

Executive Producer: Bart Yates

Producer: Matt Marsh

Post production Blinkink

Sound design: Scramble

Music Production: Soviet Science

Media: Yonder

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