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Lancashire Police: Nest Lancashire by 2am Media

Agency: 2am Media
Date: Apr 2017
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Nest Lancashire, a new victim support service, has been established to provide confidential advice and support for young people who have experienced crime either as a victim or as a witness.

We built the entire brand from the ground up, even down to the name. We wanted to steer clear of negative terminology in the first instance, as many victims either do not see themselves as victims, or simply don’t want to admit it. We also wanted to assure the public that the service can be used not just by victims themselves, but by witnesses surrounding crime.

Our main aim was to convey that the service was somewhere safe and familiar, where young people would feel secure in divulging sensitive information and beginning a path to recovery. We settled on the name Nest, as this is symbolic of the home—a place where you’re always able to go back to and where you feel you can be yourself.

Similarly, the intentional messiness of the logo is designed to indicated the sometimes scattered minds of those who have been victims of crime, and how with reassurance and support they can find peace and tranquility once again.

A Multi-Strand Campaign

We also created two video stories of people suffering through two very different kinds of victimisation. Danny is being physically and verbally bulled every day at school, while Emma is singled out due to sexting someone who she thought was close to her. In each story we see how abuse can take many different forms, and how Nest Lancashire is available to help.

The feet are almost always shot in a way that make the age, gender and race of the person ambiguous, enabling the viewer to easier empathise with this unfortunate situation.


Pete Stubbs - MD - 2am

John Graham - Creative Director - 2am

Daryl Brunsden - Senior Web Developer - 2am

Ryan Mulholland - Copywriter - 2am

Bobby Pook - Videographer - Sumo Crucial Productions