Alien: Covenant nods to H.R. Giger roots with Renaissance-style poster

Alien Covenant poster

20th Century Fox has ramped up the marketing around its resurrected franchise, Alien, by unveiling a widely praised poster for its next venture, Alien: Covenant.

The studio has went all in with the creative with the featured one-sheet that complements dialog from the trailers 'The path to paradise begins in hell', it will likely spring up globally in OOH buys to promote the movie.

Seeing the return of Alien director Ridley Scott, the studio is keen to remind movie audiences of the franchise's roots, by featuring the Xenomorph aliens.

Some critics note that the poster is reminiscent of Renaissance painting, The Fall of the Rebellious Angels, a painting whose themes will likely align with the movie. Others liken it to Rodin's The Gates of Hell sculpture. The poster comes a month after the studio marked the birthday of the visionary artist Giger.

The builds upon official trailers and a short film called Meet Walter - centred around Michael Fassbender's android character - created in partnership with AMD.

It will hit cinemas 19 May (US) and 12 May (UK). Check out the latest trailer below.

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