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John's Weird Week: Fish love, ginger love and Boaty McBoatFace

It's weird news time, and buoy oh buoy, the marketing world's been rocked by a few mishaps this week in a slightly nautical themed episode.

1. West End actors including Emma Thompson and Mark Rylance have stripped off in a campaign against overfishing in British seas as part of the revealing 'Fishlove' campaign. During it Rylance uttered the finest description of a fish ever...

2. Pulse nightclub of Letterkenny received a slap on the wrists from the Advertising Standards Agency Ireland for a crass ad promoting a "shag a ginger" event. No surprises there really.

3. The public demanded that a £200m Royal Research Ship was to be called 'Boaty McBoatface' as the Nerc put the naming of the vessel out to the internet at large in a naively operated poll.

Check out last week’s episode here – there were dapper tweed steeds, pigeons with teeny tiny backpacks and Britain's most unsettling football mascot found love.

John McCarthy

Entertainment marketing reporter. I write about the amazing marketing things happening in movies, music and video games. On the hunt for the weirder trends in marketing and advertising.

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