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B2B Creative Works Special: Featuring Forsman & Bodenfors, BBDO New York, OgilvyOne, Grey London and more

While often overshadowed by consumer campaigns, B2B creativity is no less worth shouting about. Which is what we do here. Creative leadership from the US and the UK give us their take on some of past year’s best B2B work.

Google: Google Partners Elevator

My favourite B2B campaign over the last six months actually landed on my desk rather than my inbox. Not surprisingly, it was from technology super-giant, Google, well known for its well-oiled partner engagement programmes consisting of multi-channel communication pieces.

Its latest initiative, promoting the Google Partners Elevator, was different enough to really get noticed – with a rocket to build and a 3D printed sculpture of Hunterlodge’s coordinates – proving that engaging B2B mailings with personalised and innovative content still have a place in today’s digital world.

Peter Murphy, creative director, Hunterlodge Advertising

OgilvyOne: BT Sport - Pub Signs

My favourite recent B2B campaign was the OgilvyOne UK and BT Sport work targeting publicans.

The hand-painted football-inspired 'Pub Signs' looked stunning and engaging, allowing the deeper message to be delivered about BT Sports’ Champions League exclusivity.

It also benefits from something we’ve seen a few other great B2B campaigns benefit from – 'overheard' earned media amplification. You don’t have to be a landlord to see this, like it and pass it on, but that action creates a secondary buzz that publicans would have seen beyond the initial communication itself, reinforcing the message.

Also, a doff of the cap due to whoever punned “The Lahm and Flag” as that is pure class.

Rik Moore, head of creative strategy, Havas Media

Publicis Chemistry: Royal Mail - Mailmen

In agency land we get to see a lot of fine B2B work, in many cases we’re the creators of it. But, interestingly, we’re very rarely the recipients of it , which is why the Mailmen campaign by Royal Mail Market Reach caught my eye.

The campaign sets out to prove the value of physical interaction in driving digital engagement, and does so with great success. By using familiar, yet unexpected ambassadors, a slice of self-deprecation, you’re intrigued just enough to find out more.

The comms journey is excellent with compelling evidence aplenty to continue the conversation from paper to screen, all helping to remind you that, done the right way, perhaps this channel isn’t the past after all.

Matt Conner, managing partner at MRM Meteorite