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Grand Theft Auto V publisher dismisses Lindsay Lohan's "frivolous" and "legally meritless" lawsuit

Grand Theft Auto V publisher dismisses Lindsay Lohan's "frivolous" and "legally meritless" lawsuitGrand Theft Auto V publisher dismisses Lindsay Lohan's "frivolous" and

Grand Theft Auto V's publisher Take-Two Interactive has deemed actress Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit as "legally meritless" and a bid to get attention. 

Lohan filed a lawsuit against Take-Two and Rockstar Games last month, claiming that game character Lacey Jonas is based on her likeness. 

In papers made public this week Take-Two called Lohan's lawsuit "so legally meritless that it lacks any good-faith basis and can only have been filed for publicity purposes". 

Though Lohan attests that elements of Jonas' personality, voice and style are based on her or her clothing line, Take-Two has dismissed the lawsuit as "frivolous", denying her name, voice or likeness were used in the game and called for the lawsuit to be thrown out and for Lohan pay for its legal fees. 

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