The Lego Movie marketing assault continues as 'blooper reel' appears online

Following last Sunday's all-Lego ad break on ITV Lego is continuing its marketing assault for The Lego Movie by releasing a 'blooper reel' of outtakes from the film.

Gag reel highlights include Lego Batman - Will Arnett - fluffing his lines during several attempts to fly into the sun, Morgan Freeman's character taking a stumble mid-sentence, Chris Pratt's character messing up the well-known 'see-food diet' joke, and various incidents of the Lego set falling down to comical effect.

In addition to Arnett, Freeman and Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Neeson also have starring roles in the film touted as 'the greatest movie ever assembled'.

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Gillian West

Gillian West manages the Creative Works section of The Drum covering weekly round-ups, Ad of the Day, Creative Work of the Week and Creative Work of the Month.

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