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Infographic: Following Tesco’s Hudl tablet launch, is the supermarket king?

Infographic: Following Tesco’s Hudl tablet launch, is the supermarket king?Infographic: Following Tesco’s Hudl tablet launch, is the supermarket

Tesco today unveiled its own-brand tablet computer, Hudl, 10 years after it launched Tesco Mobile. Will supermarkets own the future of retail?

Creative digital agency Maynard Malone has unveiled an infographic looking at the future of FMCG, with mobile commerce expected to double next year.

In total, retail searches from tablets have gone up by 12 per cent.

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24 Sep 2013 - 10:20
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2021 Tesco bulldoze every house, shop, farm and office in Britain not owned by Tesco and begins an ambitious rebuilding programme with the Tesco logo on everything.

2022 Tesco are elected into government. Their first act is to abolish other political parties and make everyone wear Tesco fleece waistcoats.


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