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ITV marks 225% hike in dual-screening TV habits

ITV marks 225% hike in dual-screening TV habitsITV marks 225% hike in dual-screening TV habits

ITV has reported a 225 per cent spike in the amount of people using tablets while watching TV as it unveils the second wave of its ITV Lives initiative.

The broadcaster launched the project, aimed at exploring people’s increasingly multiplatform TV viewing habits, in February, along with an online media tool for media planners and buyers.

Since then it has accrued 2,600 unique users to the tool, which is aimed at help boosting understanding of new media and technologies along with ad preferences.

The second wave of the project highlighted that a third of the population now owns a tablet, up 152 per cent since this February, while the number of people using tablets while they are watching TV rose 225 per cent during the same period.

However, it also showed that 90 per cent of adults still watch programmes at the time of their broadcast.

ITV Lives is divided into four key areas of demographics to measure: the younger end of the population classed as ‘Social Lives’, the next age group up which fall into the Connected Lives category; the bulk of the population, which have families and own more connected devices like games consoles - Busy Lives, and Traditional Lives – those whose TV habits haven’t varied hugely and therefore favour linear TV as the main form of viewing.

The broadcaster, which worked with Kantar Media on the project, measured each group’s viewing habits for a selection of shows including Downton Abbey, The Only Way is Essex, This Morning, The X Factor, Celebrity Juice, Coronation Street and The Chase.

It found that those in the Social Lives group have a stronger tendency to Like programmes on Facebook, while people in the Busy Lives group are more likely to visit the programme’s website.

Meanwhile the Connected Lives group are more likely to update their personal status in relation to a programme, while those in the Traditional group are more likely to enter competitions.

The study comprised a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.


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Tablet users demographics - New infographic http://g-web.in/13pDBtT


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