Shazam reveals top 20 most-tagged ads from around the world

Media discovery company Shazam has revealed that French telecommunications company SFR currently hold the top spot for the most-tagged Shazam enabled advert.

Since 2011, Shazam has been partnering with global brands, like SFR, to allow viewers to interact with adverts and brands by ‘tagging’ them. By using the Shazam App, viewers can retrieve additional information about a brand or product and take advantage of special offers, competitions, and social sharing integration.

Over the past two years Shazam enabled ads have aired during prime-time programming and special televised events such as the SuperBowl in the US, and the X Factor final in the UK.

As social and digital channels become increasingly important to advertisers and marketers to drive consumer engagement the most-tagged list provides insight into what motivates the audience to interact.

According to Shazam the best campaigns include great content, feature the Shazam on-screen call-to-action early in the ad, are simple and provide additional content, are mobile-friendly, contain great music, and often work better as part of a large nationwide campaign.

Also featuring in the top 20 most-tagged list is Red Bull for its World of Red Bull: Launchpad campaign, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 ad, Sony Picture’s Men in Black 3 offering, Coca-Cola’s Move to the Beat advert, and Chevrolet for its Chevy SuperBowl campaign. The full top 20 can be viewed below.

Shazam Most-Tagged: Global Top 20 adverts

1. SFR SAGA GAD (Video shown above)

2. Absolut Absolut Greyhound

3. Red Bull World of Red Bull: Launchpad

4. Trident See What Unfolds

5. Renault Lanzamiento Twizy

6. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

7. HTC HTC One X

8. Sony Pictures Men in Black 3

9. Home Depot Vertical Garden

10. Coca-Cola Move to the Beat

11. Chevrolet Chevy Super Bowl Campaign

12. Honda Summer Clearance Event

13. Toyota Camry Effect Super Bowl Campaign

14. Geico Karaoke

15. Orangina Schweppes Trina

16. Summit Entertainment Step Up Revolution

17. Sony Mobile Experia Episodes

18. Toyota Toyota Hybrid

19. Progressive Testimonials

20. Pepsi Pepsi NFL Anthems

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