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Facebook hits 27m UK users and unveils Retail Centre

Facebook hits 27m UK users and unveils Retail CentreFacebook hits 27m UK users and unveils Retail Centre

27 million people in the UK population uses Facebook each month, with 19 million accessing the social network via mobile devices, according to the social network.

The figures, revealed today, coincide with the launch of Facebook’s Retail Centre, in which the social network aims to offer advice and tips on how retailers can maximise their use of the platform.

In total Facebook claims one billion users globally, and generates 3.2 billion daily Likes or comments, according to Nielsen.

In the UK people spend an average seven hours a month each connecting to Facebook, accounting for one in five of all minutes spent online.

The gender split is fairly even with 51 per cent of users’ female, and a quarter of them are under the age of 25 while 30 per cent are aged over 50.

Meanwhile 62 per cent of the 27 million users (19 million) access the social network via their mobile devices, and 26 per cent access it via a tablet. Smartphone users are most active at midday, while tablet use is highest during the evenings when 60 per cent of all users are on Facebook.

People are also very active on accessing Facebook while watching TV, with 62 per cent using the social network while watching shows. Facebook claims it is a more effective channel for reaching 18 to 34 year olds than TV. Over half of this age group say they access Facebook first thing in the morning and it is the last thing they access at night.

There is also a correlation between the number of people who make transactions based on peer recommendations, with 37 per cent of users asking their friends for product tips on the social network ,while 16 per cent of all users go on to buy a product as a result of a Facebook friend interaction.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) have tried a new restaurant or bar following a friend’s recommendation and 36 per cent listen to music via the social network.


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Can you explain the maths? 27m is not two thirds of the UK population even if you factor in the under 13s who aren't supposed to go on it. Interesting that this appears at the same time that yahoo is running a story on a decline in UK numbers of 600,000 over Christmas.


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