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The Fauxlympics is just a hop, skip and a jump away from ending - six more entries:MasterCard, Oral B, Guinness and Braun

Tomorrow is the deadline for entries for the Drum's Fauxlympics in association with the Chip Shop Awards, and we can promise that no-one has deliberately tried to lose - they're all great.

Just come up with an idea? Email it to ishbel.macleod@thedrum.com, along with the agency name and creator's name (if applicable), the category you want to enter it into, and the brand the ad is for.

Albion: MasterCard

Agency: Albion LondonCreators: Lauren Hurst & Laura MuseBrand: MasterCardCategory: The Sprint, The High Jump

IAS b2b Marketing:Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Agency: IAS b2b MarketingCreators: Chris Place & Dave CroucherBrand: Krispy Kreme DoughnutsCategory: The Hurdles

McCann Birmingham: Sky

Agency: McCann BirminghamCreators: Jamie, Barrie, Tim, Vince, Carl, Ash, Ben, Colin, Sam, Spen, Dave & Doug.Brand: Sky SportsCategory: The High Jump(The ad has been changed at behest of the agency)

Design Understood: Braun

Agency: Design UnderstoodCreator: Andy KelseyBrand: BraunCategory: The Long Shot / The Sprint

Brave: Oral B

Agency name: BraveCreator: Anton BurmistrovBrand: Oral-B Category: The High Jump / The Long Shot

Native: Guinness

Agency: NativeBrand: GuinnessCategory: The Hurdles