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Calling all creative athletes - enter The Drum’s Fauxlympics

The Drum is looking to help out LOCOG, by ruling on what will and will not be allowed in terms of advertising during the Olympics.

In this purely educational exercise, we’re looking for Agencies That Have Lots of Enthusiasm in Terms of coming up with Entertaining adverts and Symbols (ATHLETES, for short) to help us create some ads in various categories, so we can see what is allowed and what isn’t.

We’ve partnered with the Chip Shop Awards, with the overall winner to receive a Golden Chip – the only one you’ll be able to get during the Olympics, providing a chance for CSA entrants to limber up.

The four categories are:

The Sprint: Guerrilla ads that would be taken down faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres.

The Long Shot: Ads which probably should be allowed to run, but probably won’t.

The Hurdles: Ads which manage to get around the advertising rules.

The High Jump: Funny ads which break all the rules.

Speed and agility are key factors in the Fauxlympics, so entries must be in by 3 August, with voting taking place the following week on Facebook, where the public will decide the winner of each category.

Each entry in third place will win a bar of Galaxy chocolate, second place is a can of Pepsi and first prize is a super duper Burger King voucher. The overall winner of all four categories is the one who will win the Golden Chip.

Entries should be sent, in jpg of PDF format, to, along with the name of the creator, the agency name, the category the ad has been entered into and the name of the brand it has been created for.