Future gazing: what’s next for the creator economy?

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Influencer marketing trends have transformed at pace over the past 10 years - but how have they defined the creator economy as we know it today? In this not-to-miss session, we’ll bring together experts and changemakers to spotlight 3-4 key influencers impacting the world of influencer marketing - both now and in the future. This future-gazing session will inspire you to think bigger, covering everything from what’s next on the horizon to new ways of thinking on how to collaborate with creators and storytellers to reap the rewards of influencer marketing.

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In the mix: The strategic power of influencers

Until now, influencer marketing has been a bit of an outsider; an add-on to a marketing plan. But its influence over other channels cannot be ignored. When planning activity, it’s not a case of either or when it comes to channels but how each complements the other to reinforce your brand messaging. In this session, we look at how influencer and creator content can be utilized across channels (including TV, POS, OOH and social) in the most impactful ways and reveal key findings on the priming power that TikTok has on other channels within the marketing mix.

Emma Harman
Chief Client Officer, Whalar
Jenni Baker
Assistant Editor - features, reports & research, The Drum
Sir John Hegarty
Founder and Creative, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and The Garage Soho
Lisa Batty
Head of Brand Strategy for Europe, TikTok
Natalie Wills
Global Director - Marketing, Zalando

Influencing the world

Steve Forbes once said: “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”. For marketers to realize the true value of influencer marketing, they need to understand that the investment they make is going to deliver ROI. Too often, when brands think about influencer marketing, they believe they will only get results if they use big name celebrities. Times have changed. Influence is accretive, it strengthens over time. For brands working with influencers, the real value comes from building relationships and finding the ‘less obvious’ talent who will become long-term ambassadors for your brand.

With that comes trust – trust in the influencers themselves, trust in their communities and trust in the partners you are working with to secure these partnerships. In this session, we explore the pricing and considerations for marketers when budgeting for campaigns and demonstrate how to measure ROI from different types of influencer marketing to ensure that the commitment from brands pays off and unlocks long-term value that impacts the bottom line.

Emma Harman
Chief Client Officer, Whalar
Marco Bertozzi
President, EMEA, Whalar
Lynn Lester
Managing Director of Events, The Drum
Marcel Swain
Global Manager Hard Seltzers: Brand & Communications, Heineken
Chin Ru Foo
Global Innovation Director, William Grant & Sons Irish Brand
AJ Coyne
Head of Global Brand and Creative, Klarna
Edi Borrelli
Global Creation and Engagement Director, Philips
Melanie Kentish
Group Director of Influencer, Sky