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Red-faced Tory MP Nigel Mills 'guarantees' he will never play Candy Crush in parliament again


By John McCarthy | Media editor

December 8, 2014 | 3 min read

Tory MP Nigel Mills has vowed never to play addictive puzzle game Candy Crush in parliament ever again after he was caught slacking off during a work and pension committee in the House of Commons.

The MP's gaming habit was exposed on the front page of the Sun on Monday. He told the newspaper: "It was a long meeting on pension reforms, which is an important issue that I take very seriously. There was a bit of the meeting that I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two."

He added that he will "try not to" play the game in future at work.

However, following his vow to "try" to curb his at-work gaming, the MP issued a statement to address the concerns of his constituents on Twitter.

Furthermore, a House of Commons investigation has been launched to find who was responsible for shooting the footage of Mills in a move which contravened the house's rules.

Mills will no longer to play Candy Crush at work, however when he gets home he could pick up the game's sequel, Candy Crush: Soda Saga, which was released in November.


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