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Leo Burnett creative in bid to sell rain to the British with new product

Product: Ben Gough is selling rain

It’s the one thing you’d think ex-pats and tourists wouldn’t miss about Britain, but one Leo Burnett creative is convinced that there’s a market in the country’s infamous rainfall and he’s put his idea in a bottle – literally.

Collected in East London before being packaged up and put on the market, tourists can now take a bottle of rain home with them as a souvenir and ex-pats can order a bottle to soothe their homesick blues.

According to the idea’s author, Ben Gough, it’s time Britain embraced the things it’s so well known for.

“We moan about Britain’s iconic rainy weather,” he said. “But I say embrace it. It’s a famous part of our heritage and culture.

“Tourists actually expect it. So not only can they experience British rain when they visit, they can now take it home as a souvenir. It’s better than a Big Ben alarm clock.”

He added: “If you were wondering, the answer is yes, I do use actual rain.”

The bottles are available from Crest of London souvenir shops and online.

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