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Thank you note and 30p tip earns Nando's 'virgin' a £50 free gift-card

Yesterday five friends popped into their local Nando’s in Basingstoke to introduce one of their friends to the marvel that is peri-peri chicken and left a friendly note for their server thanking them for “allowing our friend to lose his Nando’s virginity”.As well as thanking the server the group left a rather – shall we say – modest tip of just 30p, but did explain that they didn’t have any money.

Nando's was so touched by the thank you note it responded

After tweeting the note Nando’s decided to send their own note back to the group, which had been penned in the same style on one of the restaurant chain’s napkins. Nando’s note read: “Thank you for your napkin note, it’s really kind of you. To say thank you for spreading the peri-peri love, we’ve attached a £50 gift card for your next visit.”The moral of the story….always thank your waiter!