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The role of cohort-based onboarding in the future of marketing (TraderTalk TV)

July 8, 2021

Eyeota's VP of product, Rob Armstrong, was recently a guest on an episode of ExchangeWire's TraderTalk TV, where he discussed the role of cohort-based onboarding in the future of marketing with Lindsay Rowntree.

The discussion covers a variety of trending topics, including:

- the challenges that marketers and brands are facing such as bridging the gap between third- and first-party data as Google prepares to eliminate third-party cookies, conforming to Google's IDFA updated regulations and adjusting to changing privacy regulations

- what first-party data is and how marketers are failing to leverage their offline first-party data to acquire new customers through consumer-friendly, privacy-compliant cohort-based data onboarding

- what cohorts are and the benefits of probabilistic cohort-onboarding vs. deterministic 1:1 onboarding (increased scale, does not require PII, privacy-safe by design...)

Watch the full video here:

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