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Choosing the perfect DAM

by Lucy Campbell-Woodward

22 February 2021 13:54pm

Research in Action (RIA) is a leading source of impartial insight into the hugely varied and sometimes complex global Digital Asset Management (DAM) landscape. Every year, it surveys more than 10,000 enterprise IT and business decision-makers to understand the trends and challenges presented by the IT and Marketing Automation marketplace.

With so many providers and a wide range of offerings, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right vendor to suit your needs, both today as well as for the future. RIA’s Vendor Selection Matrix Digital Asset Management: The Top 15 Global Vendors 2021 outlines key features from the leading global DAM vendors and assesses them according to their relative capabilities.

This deep dive into their company structures, the services they provide, and how they plan to evolve within an ever-changing marketplace is a vital tool for any business looking to acquire or expand upon automation or asset management resources.

In this vendor selection matrix, you will discover:

  • How well potential vendors support content creation, management and delivery.
  • The vendor’s approach to innovation and investment in its product, creating clear differentiation between it and other providers in the market.
  • The breadth of the solution offered, covering all potential customer requirements today and in the future.

And critically…

  • Whether the solution is considered to deliver value for money, how satisfied current customers are, and how likely they are to recommend it to others.

censhare continues to enjoy a market-leading position near the top of the table, with a top-scoring Recommendation Index (RI) of 99% - one of only two providers to hit the near perfect score. With leading scores also in Price Versus Value Ratio, Breadth And Depth Of Solution Offering and Innovation and Differentiation, RIA’s Matrix confirms that censhare is one of the leading global providers of DAM solutions.

Learn more, download the report here.


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