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The automation- and AI-powered marketing agency of the future is already here

By Arlene Wszalek, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

Allied Global Marketing


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December 12, 2023 | 7 min read

This December, marketing leaders are helping us to picture the agency of the future. Today, Allied Global’s Arlene Wszalek says that AI has already brought the future to us.

A line drawing of a large automation machine, dwarfing two Victorian people beside it

Automation is already remaking marketing agencies, says Arlene Wszalek / The British Library via Unsplash

The marketing agency of the future, one driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, is not some far-off vision. That future is now. Leading agencies are already harnessing AI and intelligent workflows to deliver enhanced value, productivity, and innovation for clients.

AI empowers agencies to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Advanced AI technologies can process and analyze massive datasets, identify impactful insights, and help develop razor-sharp strategies and messaging - all in a fraction of the time it would take humans alone. This boost in speed and productivity means agencies can produce more work without sacrificing quality.

For clients, AI-powered agencies translate to better results and greater ROI from marketing campaigns. Adaptive AI also enhances real-time optimization as market conditions change - crucial in our fast-paced world.

AI increases productivity through automation

Automating repetitive, low-value tasks allows agency talent to focus their time on high-level strategic work that moves the needle for clients. And with machine learning algorithms continuously improving, the quality and consistency of agency outputs will get even better over time.

Beyond direct client deliverables, agencies can deploy AI to streamline vital administrative functions like finance and HR. For finance, machine learning algorithms can automate processes like payroll, billing, and reporting - saving time while reducing errors. For HR, natural language processing can automate the screening of job applicants, expediting the recruitment process. Chatbots can provide 24/7 employee support for common HR questions and requests. Applying AI to these administrative functions can empower admin teams to focus on more impactful initiatives that create value for employees and for the agency as a whole.

AI implementation: What we’re doing

At Allied Global Marketing, we provide our teams with cutting-edge proprietary tools like AlliedGPT, our internal AI hub, and Foresight, our suite of predictive media mix modeling and forecasting tools. AlliedGPT gives our staff on-demand AI support for research, content ideation, and data analysis. Foresight leverages machine learning to optimize campaign performance across channels.

We also offer hands-on AI training for all global team members. We’re learning how to fully leverage these tools to work more quickly and consistently across all service areas, from strategy and planning to paid media, earned media, owned media, and creative solutions.

With the power of AI, we can develop sharper strategies by rapidly analyzing troves of historical data and current market trends. AI turbocharges the ideation process for positioning, messaging, and creative.

Once in market, AI lets us monitor performance across millions of data points and recalibrate tactics based on real-time insights. We can run endless simulations to predict optimal marketing spend and allocation to maximize ROI. Adaptive AI responds to changing market conditions, ensuring campaigns stay laser-focused amid disruption.

This incorporation of AI benefits clients’ bottom lines. With enhanced productivity, efficiency and performance, AI-powered workflows deliver significant time and cost savings. This lets agencies provide greater value to clients at every stage, from upfront strategic planning to post-campaign reporting and analysis.

AI augments, not replaces, human talent

While AI enables enhanced productivity and efficiency, it doesn’t replace the need for human intelligence and creativity. At our core, agencies are innovative problem-solvers. AI has simply joined our toolkit (albeit as an extremely powerful new tool). Our talented experts remain the driving force behind strategy, impactful ideas, and client relationships. AI makes certain tasks faster while amplifying our capacity to have greater strategic impact.

We call this blend of machine intelligence with human talent and institutional knowledge ‘artificial collective intelligence’. This symbiotic approach allows AI and humans to complement each other’s strengths. While AI is integral, our people come first. With the right balance, we can leverage the best of both human and machine to drive superior results for clients.

The marketing agency of the future is defined by AI. Agencies must fully embrace AI’s potential to drive improvements in how we operate and the results we deliver. As marketing grows increasingly complex, leveraging AI and automation will be even more crucial. By integrating human talent with machine intelligence, we can focus on what we do best: pioneering innovative solutions to help our clients win in the marketplace.

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Marketing Automation Artificial Intelligence Agencies

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