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5 reasons why you need to constantly review your digital UX strategy

By Neal Wright | Senior UX designer



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May 27, 2022 | 6 min read

What comes to mind when you think of a successful business: marketing activity or customer service? Brands that thrive today take all user touch points into account. Neal Wright, senior UX designer at Rawnet, looks at how to create a comprehensive UX strategy to keep consumers’ experience in line with a brand's overall goals.

Brand business leaders can ensure their visions become reality, but they need to build an understanding of their users, including their behaviors and expectations.

Rawnet look at how to create an effective UX experience.

Rawnet look at how to create an effective UX experience.

Key components of a UX Strategy

Having a basic UX strategy is no longer enough. There are an overwhelming number of digital products and services available, so having an aligned UX strategy will ensure you are fulfilling what you promised your customers, building brand loyalty, trust and advocacy. To truly understand the scope of a UX strategy, you need to evaluate the three primary components: a vision of intent; goals and measures of success; and a comprehensive plan.

First, a brand has to know what its business currently looks like, what they are aiming to achieve and how they will get there, as well as how they will solve key problems for users and support the broader needs of customers.

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Second, once this has been confirmed, you will need to establish a way to measure progress. Goals, along with metrics and key performance indicators, must directly connect UX improvements with business goals to ensure the strategy is resilient and adaptable in today’s market.

Finally, you need a plan to ensure your company can accomplish each goal, broken down into objectives to help you to reach milestones over time. The plan will also aid marketers when prioritizing activities and addressing any ongoing uncertainties related to customer experience.

Introducing a UX strategy review

Once the UX strategy has been executed, constantly review it to significantly improve the value of your company’s product or service. This process helps identify any problems that are stopping your business proposition from standing out from the crowd, such as high bounce rates, accessibility issues or a broken sales funnel.

By reviewing your UX strategy on a constant basis, you will be rewarded with a host of benefits aside from enhancing your user experience and improving your product or service in real-time. Here are five.

1. Gaining a new business perspective

Brands can spend a staggering amount of money, time and effort in developing their business offering while only focusing on their product or service. With this narrow mindset, businesses are neglecting other elements that are critical to boosting user experience and driving long-term success. With a UX review, you will become aware of any flaws or challenges associated with your offering, ensuring you are maximizing opportunities for improvement.

2. Focus on customers’ most important needs

Developing a cohesive value proposition can make all the difference to long term success. It can help organizations understand the most important questions that users may have about their product or service. For those who have not already established an effective value proposition, a UX strategy review will help you to truly understand what you want to achieve and ensure you can communicate what your business is all about.

3. Compare your offering with your competition

When working on your product or service development and trying to understand how this ties into your UX strategy, a UX review can help you make a comparison between your offering and competitors in the market.

Ongoing benchmarking efforts will help you to develop a competitive advantage, enabling you to make any necessary changes.

4. Align with stakeholder interests

We all know that it’s vital to ensure that everyone in your organization is always on the same page. Performing a UX strategy review will help stakeholders to realign their priorities.

In today’s fast-paced working environment, team members often have their own ideas of what needs to be done and this may not be in line with your business plan. By completing regular UX reviews, stakeholders can continue to gain a perspective and mitigate any challenges related to conflicting priorities.

5. Develop a clear UX roadmap for growth

With the sheer amount of data available on consumers, its a simple mistake to base a UX strategy on market assumptions or outdated data. With a constant UX review, you can see what analytics tools are needed to monitor user behavior, trends or expectations and make those adjustments to improve their day-to-day insights. These learnings will reveal the correct data and allow you to build a better understanding of your customers' behavior in order to shape your UX processes.

Curating a seamless and future-proof UX strategy takes a lot of planning, research and investment. With the help of an ongoing UX review process, brands will be able to prevent any mishaps related to fixing product or service issues, reducing miscommunication between team members related to conflicting priorities, and designing an offering that ends in failure.

Establishing a comprehensive UX strategy that is evaluated or adjusted on a regular basis can be make or break, separating you from others in the market.

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