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Kemosabe pushes for the democratisation of entrepreneurs with Aspire win

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Kemosabe wins Aspire business, looking at instilling start-up thinking across organisations and individuals.

London-based creative agency Kemosabe has won the Aspire business to update the brand's positioning, provide new brand identity, and on-going marketing for the innovative and unique powerful learn-by-doing training program.

Aspire instills start up thinking across organizations and individuals to unlock new value and drive tangible opportunities.

The campaign involves branding Aspire's identity, which is set to roll out in April across digital and social channels.

The pandemic has caused the loss of life, business and has impacted the wellbeing of millions. The global economy is reeling and has forced a re-skilling and up-skilling revolution to begin.

Toni Vicars, VP of marketing at Aspire, said: “This Revolution needs more than just new technical skills. New mindsets, attitudes, and approaches instilled in a powerful way are needed to lift corporates and individuals into new opportunities. Businesses and people are having to deal with a huge amount of disruption and to manage this, they need startup thinking as part of their repertoire. This drives adoption of skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity highlighted by The World Economic Forum as crucial. Those, together with the human aspects of resilience, tolerance and flexibility are fundamental for business survival today and Aspire has been set up to deliver this.”

Aspire is driven by a global team of dynamic individuals and business owners. Born out of Rainmaking Innovation Ltd and Start Up Bootcamp who are responsible for over 950 start-ups and raising over £630m in entrepreneurial funding and delivering the largest industry accelerator program, Aspire delivers entrepreneurial training through a learning-by-doing approach that uniquely combines a digital platform with the support of community managers, coaches and mentors enabling people to be up-skilled globally and at scale.

Rebecca Adair, client services director at Kemosabe, said: “In order to weather worldwide pandemic as well as changing customer expectations and increased automation, corporations need their employees to be far more entrepreneurial and agile. Before the pandemic, the term ‘think like a start-up’ was gaining traction, now the mode of survival is to ‘operate like a start-up’, and Aspire does this. It’s a privilege for a creative agency to help bring what’s right for business today to market.”