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William H Macy stars in new StrawberryFrog campaign for Woody Creek Distillers

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StrawberryFrog is behind new campaign for Woody Creek Distillers

StrawberryFrog - the agency behind Jim Beam's global turn around with its Mila Kunis campaigns - is now focused on building out fast-growing challenger brand, Woody Creek Distillers with a new national US campaign featuring William H Macy.

Featuring brand character Willie Creeks played by actor, William H Macy, StrawberryFrog bucked traditional spirits advertising formats to develop a disruptive full funnel campaign featuring a music video at its center – using the Willie Creeks Band to perform their new single titled Whiskey Dell.

This release marks a new chapter for Macy as he combines his passion for music and spirits and invites the public to sit back, pour themselves something worth sipping, and take a listen.

Tyler Deangelo from StrawberryFrog remarked: “The spirits category is crowded with large brands spending a lot of money.

“This makes it very hard for smaller distillers to get any real share of the market. The only way for an outspent challenger brand to break through a category like this is to change the game and approach entirely.

“William H Macy and the StrawberryFrog team worked tirelessly to create music that would build a genuine fan base – not jingles or branded songs - but real music you want to listen to over and over.

“We believe attracting a fan is much more valuable than selling to a consumer.”

The integrated campaign includes digital shorts featuring Macy, as his musical alter-ego, Willie Creeks.

The digital shorts live on digital music platforms creating an ecosystem of branded entertainment designed to tap into the culture of music and spirits to build a fanbase around both Willie and Woody Creek Distillers.

Click here to listen to the full Willie Creeks playlist.

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