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Take the pain out of advertising with positive touchpoints and meaningful messaging

By Emily Raneri, Digital Marketing Specialist


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October 4, 2019 | 4 min read

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Let’s step into the shoes of a consumer. A consumer goes throughout their day seeing more than 750 ads on numerous media and at different touchpoints.


Everywhere they turn, there's an ad; in public transport, running errands, grabbing lunch, at work, at home, mobile, desktop and essentially everywhere and on every device. It can be overwhelming to be exposed to this sheer amount of advertising.

However, there is a way to make sure that your brand message is not lost in the crowd.

The ethos behind TV Sync is that currently, consumers are bombarded by content, ads, tweets, push notifications and anything else you can imagine in a digital environment. The industry has reached a point of "content shock" where consumers are shown so many messages that messaging is being fragmented and the brand’s intent has been lost.

With consumers consistently turning to their smartphones to gain information, the way advertisers and brands engage with their consumers needs to change. This is where TV Sync and search marketing comes into play.

Essentially, your brands or competitors’ TV commercials are monitored and once detected, your search campaigns are pushed in real-time. This strategic timing allows brands to create controlled touchpoints and reach their audience with the right message at the right time. This approach removes the consumer frustration with digital advertising and allows brand messaging to become meaningful once again.

Working closely with Google Ads through our TVTY Moment Marketing Platform and stemming from numerous client experiences, we have noted a few best practices and tips on how to approach a cross-media strategy.

Evaluate the TV landscape

What does the environment look like in your industry and among your competitors? TV is a complex media and currently in a state of transformation. It is important to see where you fit in this changing landscape and where you can position yourself for the future. It is important to examine both your TV ads as well as your competitors. Understanding what is going on in your industry and how TV plays a role is essential to determine its overall impact on your search strategy.


Are you satisfied with your current media strategy? Do you use a multichannel or omnichannel approach? The first step of learning more about how to improve your search strategy starts with looking inward. Evaluate your media strategy to determine if TV would align with your search goals. Alignment is one of the most important steps to consider before taking action.

Benchmark with the first campaign

The first campaign is not the end all be all. It reflects the natural behaviour of your campaign and identifies where improvements can be made. It’s too soon to reap the full benefits of your cross-media strategy and the best is yet to come. Be open to optimizations and recommendations for your next campaign by working closely with your partners to further tailor your strategy and achieve your objectives.

Continue to innovate

Keep pushing your brand’s strategy forward. To keep ahead of your audience, innovation needs to remain at the core of your strategy and be practised in how you shape your brand’s next campaign.

You can take the pain out of advertising for consumers by creating positive touchpoints and meaningful messaging that do not overwhelm audiences. A cross-media search strategy is a strategic decision that pays off after optimization and testing. Through this trial and error, you will learn what works well for your brand and how you can see success through budget efficiencies, more meaningful messaging, and reaching your intended audience.

Emily Raneri, digital marketing specialist, TVTY

TVTY is a sponsor of The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries (DADIs). Tickets are available for the ceremony which takes place on 10 October at the Park Plaza Westminster, London.

The Drum Awards The Drum Awards For Digital Industries Advertising

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