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Hit Search report reveals CRO secrets of online luxury fashion retailers

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Andrew Redfern, director of Hit Search

Hit Search recently reviewed, analysed and ranked the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) activity of 29 luxury fashion brands online, including Harvey Nichols, Net-A-Porter and Jimmy Choo, and have released the findings in a new report, “Conversion Rate Optimisation: Which Luxury Fashion Brands are Best Dressed?”

For those in the business of selling luxury goods online, the new report’s findings make very interesting reading. What becomes clear is that a good-looking website and great choice of products is not enough to entice users to complete a purchase in this highly competitive marketplace.

Key findings included:

- The average load time of all websites researched was 2.4 seconds. 57 per cent of web visitors will abandon a website if load time is more than 3 seconds.

- Just 28 per cent of online luxury brands have a prominent telephone number on the website. A recent study by Kiss Metrics suggested that a 5 per cent increase in sales could be achieved by simply placing a telephone number in a prominent position on the page.

- All the brands offer worldwide shipping but only 10 per cent offer a language other than English to their customers. German and French were the second most popular languages provided but were still only offered by 7 per cent of the websites researched. Chinese (Mandarin) was offered on just 3 per cent of websites reviewed.

- The design of the product page is a crucial element in converting site visitors to sales. Just 76 per cent of brands had the “Add to Basket” button above the fold, while 43 per cent of the luxury fashion brands analysed have a “Recently Viewed” function so people can quickly navigate to previous items.

- 62 per cent of the websites listed had a highly graphical blog aimed at providing useful fashion tips.

- 34 per cent of sites offered free delivery to the country the site was based in. 31 per cent of sites offered standard local delivery at less than £5, while 34 per cent of sites offered standard local delivery at more than £5.

- 41 per cent of sites did not have a mobile responsive design version of their website, despite a recent Econsultancy report which suggested that a mobile responsive site could deliver up to a 50 per cent increase in sales.

The full report, including a full CRO ranking of the 29 luxury fashion brands analysed, is available to download for free.

Andrew Redfern is director of Hit Search.

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