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Hoverboarding, Human vs Shark and Call for Dads - Viral Video Chart


By VAN Team | VAN

June 18, 2014 | 5 min read

Thankfully, the huge influx of footie ads has relaxed a touch now that the World Cup has actually kicked off. Last weeks brand chart was stuffed to the brim with footie stars and balls flying everywhere, but this week we’ve got a bit of a break with Father’s Day related campaigns and water sports that are of a sci-fi standard. Sure, Samsung has dragged out their next enthralling instalment of aliens Vs Galaxy 11and Pepsi Max have brought out an Unbelievable football match with teams of free runners and an inflatable pitch, but it feels good to see a chart that isn’t completely dominated with all things foot and ball.


Calls For Dad #RealDadMoments | Dove Men+Care

As Father’s Day was last weekend, Dove Men+Care made sure to whip out a short, moving campaign to coincide with it. The quick-fired clips of children calling for their dads in various states of emotion ticks all the boxes for a great heart-warming ad that jerks those tears and leaves you warm and fuzzy.From a recent survey, Dove Men+Care found that a staggering 80% of dads thought that their fatherly parenting duty wasn’t portrayed in the media enough, so this short ad has stuffed as many fathers into it to try make up for it. And its guaranteed to make all those who forgot Father’s Day feel exceptionally guilty.Hoverboard in Real Life!

We’ve all seen Marty McFly’s hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future’, and I can guarantee that nearly every kid that saw the movie wanted that board. Who doesn’t want to be able to fly with just a simple skateboard? Well, it’s not as simple as Marty’s board, but The Hoverboard has now been launched for all water-sports enthusiasts! Welcome to the 21st Century, people, as your dreams have just come true! It’ll cost you an arm and a leg, but that’s just a petty sacrifice for being granted the ability to dive about in water like some aqua X-men character. The pros make it look pretty easy (which I doubt is true) and those boards make for some awesome footage.UGCGoPro: man fights off great White Shark in Sydney Harbour

If you haven’t seen this video yet, then you must have been living under a rock. Topping our UGC chart this week is of some swimmer who takes a dip in the Sydney Harbour with a GoPro strapped to his head. The incredible footage of the Great White shark approaching him underwater has caused a massive stir online as people have been furiously debating whether it’s faked or not. Is it a GoPro stunt? Is it computer generated? Is it another Jimmy Kimmel fake?! Every man, woman and child has dissected the video to shreds in the search of finding the truth!God knows if it’s real, and as Gopro etc have not come forward to claim this video as their own mastery, we are left quaking in our boots at the prospect of ever entering the ocean again. It’s just another reminder that everything in Australia has the potential to kill you.“Hi Brit” by Gal Volinez

Every now and then, a true super-fan makes an incredible YouTube tribute to their pop idol, and it clearly involves mass amounts of time, dedication, sweat and editing. Volinez Spears has unleashed this incredible/scarring (delete where appropriate) homage to Britney Spear’s track “Work bitch” and he’s done a great job. Some may say, too good….Squeak of the WeekJoey Runs For His Water Bottle

We all love a big, cuddly cat. We love them and we don’t care what they’re up to, even if they have a weird fetish for water-spray bottles. We love you anyway, Joey!Join the #KittenCamp Snackz mailing list for weekly updates on top trending videos and follow @JoinVAN for the latest viral gossip and industry news!subscribe Coca-Cola use bottle caps to make friends & influence people & Three Mobile

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