Twitter's new profiles available to all and NYPD social campaign backfires

By Iona St Joseph

April 23, 2014 | 5 min read

Twitter’s new profile pages are available to allYay. The day has come, and Twitter’s new profile pages are available to everyone. I bit the bullet this morning and went for the change, but I had to change my header image, which was less than ideal. They’re an irritating size as well, so there’s little opportunity for a hilarious Ron Swanson meme due to the dimensions being too narrow. Trust me, I’ve tried. So go forth and use a slightly different looking version of Facebook, my friends! Let me know what you think as well. Do I just need to get over it, or are you downright devastated (slight exaggeration) by the changes as well?75 per cent of brands’ Facebook posts are imagesSocial media managers, it looks like your advice is finally paying off, as a new study from Socialbakers has revealed that single photos make up 75 per cent of Facebook brand content worldwide.The remaining 25 per cent is made up by 10 per cent links, 6 per cent status updates, 4 per cent albums, 4 per cent video and 1 per cent ‘other’, although lord knows what that means. I was quite surprised to find out that videos make up just 4 per cent of brand Facebook posts.We all know that images are number one, but video has always seemed like it’s hot on their heels, so it’s interesting to see that the numbers for video are so small. NYPD social media campaign backfiresIt’s never good to see a well-meaning social media hashtag campaign backfire (unless it’s something that has been so badly thought out, you can’t even begin to understand who would’ve signed it off in the first place), but this week it was the NYPD whose social team were left to reflect on their content plan.On Tuesday, the NYPD’s official Twitter account tried to do its bit within the community on social media by asking users to share photos of themselves alongside NYPD police officers using the hashtag #myNYPD. Not content with giving people the accolade of being shared on their Twitter page, the best ones would be featured across the force's Facebook page as well. So, this is the kind of thing they were obviously hoping for…But this is the kind of thing that they got instead, as many Twitter users saw it as an opportunity to promote instances of apparent abuse and brutality by the NYPD themselves. Tumblr study claims it has more social TV activity than TwitterA study by Pulsar (commissioned by Tumblr) has found that the volume of social-TV activity on Tumblr is much greater than on Twitter. Now, I was in the third set out of four at GCSE maths, so it took me a while to get my head around this, but it basically analysed four TV episodes over an 11-day period in December. Pulsar found that 70 per cent of social mentions of those shows happened on Tumblr, with the balance happening on Twitter. Twitter had a much sharper drop-off, so whilst the Tweets peaked during the shows, whilst Tumblr had a much more gradual decline. Now, if you’re not really sure what all that means, you’re not the only one. You can read about it in full on AdAge. Celebrity does something on Instagram In my search for topics to chat incessantly about in my column this week, I thought I’d just see what the news was around Instagram. Turns out that Selina Gomez has unfollowed best pal Taylor Swift and the two youngest Kardashians on the app, as well as on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Beiber. The celebrity gossip world is rife with rumours. Have Selina and Justin split up for good? Hopefully we won’t be kept in the dark for much longer. Breaking social media news there guys.


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