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Optical illusions are a bit of a running theme in the marketing world this week, with both Honda and Ray Ban releasing ads featuring awesome visual tricks.

When brands partner up with YouTubers it’s usually a winning viral combination and the marriage of a UGC fandom with a commercial ad campaign has certainly worked wonders for Ray Ban.

The designer sunglasses manufacturer teamed up with popular filmmaker, Brusspup, to remind us that things aren't always as they seem. Following the format of his other videos, a camera slowly zooms into a series of objects on a table, only to reveal that they are actually two-dimensional paper prints.

Interestingly, with the exception of a small logo in the top right of the screen and a close up shot of a pair of glasses at the end, you might not even realise that the video is in fact a clever ad for Ray Ban. It’s playful, subtle and has exactly the right kind of WTF conversation trigger that gets people sharing!

On the topic of mind-boggling videos, Honda has released an ad called "An Impossible Made Possible." The video shows one of the brand’s latest diesel models traversing a surreal, Escher like landscape, packed full of stunning optical tricks.It’s well worth a watch and if you want to know how the hell they did it, check out this interesting behind the scenes video.

Elsewhere in the viral ads listings; Sony has been working hard to whip the internet up into a frenzy of anticipation for the new PS4, releasing two promo ads less than a week apart.The gaming giant has followed the success of the popular Greatness Awaits teaser trailer with The Perfect Day. A commercial featuring two young men exploring the landscapes of some of the best loved Play Station games all set to the tune of Lou Reed’s 1972 classic hit.Keeping with the theme of nostalgia and friendship, Sony has also released “For The Players Since 1995” - an awesome trip down memory lane for gaming enthusiasts that follows the 18-year evolution of the Play Station, as told through the changing lives of the people who play it.Starting in the bedroom of a teenage boy, we watch as the decor transforms, friends come and go and the music scene cycles through the decades. What makes the ad so effective is the amazing attention to detail; from the clothing, to hair cuts, posters on the wall and even the changing logos on Pizza boxes.The references are quite specific to UK audiences but even for non-gaming fans, it manages to evoke some serious blasts from the past!

Over in the world of UGC videos, the BadLipReading channel has created another viral gem. This time, Game of Thrones has been transformed from a dark medieval drama into the wacky comedy ‘Medieval Land Fun-Time World’ in a hilarious spoof mashup.

Also trending; DC Comics has released a brilliant animated tribute to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the creation of Superman; Dolly Parton does a somewhat disturbing hip-hop rap about twerking and her very own pair of “wrecking balls”; and recent viral pop hit, 'What Does The Fox Say’, becomes the soundtrack of an epic Halloween light display.Oh yeah, and there’s this… #WTF!!!!!!!!

Squeak of the week: If you were ever in any doubt about who was the boss, cats or dogs, this should answer your question!

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