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Digital Publishing for the iPad Generation

Studied art and fashion design at Manchester then Westminster University. In the past 15 years Colin has been part of the buying team at Burberry, an Angel Investor, corporate film and TV producer, and for the last 6 years has run his own digital agency. An online social adoptee from 2005. He’s an exhibited artist.

As some of you may know I write for a number of Blogs – and clearly a big fan of the format. I recently submitted a post to The Social Tailor (a fashion and retail blog that’s a tad bitchy but also really useful if you’re in that sector) anyway it reminded me of an online debate I had a year or so ago on 38Minutes (the Channel 4ip network for Creatives in Scotland and Northern Ireland) that centred around ways in which we as the creative industry could better support the dying nature of the Newspaper both from an online and traditional perspective.

I was suggesting that the typical design of the traditional newspaper was not enticing a new younger audience to even consider picking it up – it’s what old people do… a traditional newspaper designer got on his high horse about design over content… ah hello, do you still have a job? Anyway the point I was trying to make, if you keep doing things the old way you’ll get the old results and steadily diminishing as that audience slowly dies off.

Tell me who among you still gets their paper delivered – I mean to you, not your place of business. Ok now tell me your age?

Ok, so I’m talking from an online point of view I’ve lived and breathed digital for almost 10 years and fully appreciate that our daily is going to struggle because lets face it we are bombarded by news on our phones, email, iPhone applications… you name it, they’re struggling to compete and I have no doubt that before long the only daily newspaper we’ll see will be supported by advertising alone (Metro); I have a strong attachment to my Sunday papers but is that my age…?

Eventually getting to the reason for this post… Vogue Hommes Magazine have created a free version for iPad users and I find it fascinating that such a traditional format has decided to invest in A. something that they’re giving away and B. that they’ve gone about it in such an inventive manner – (although to be fair it’s just a few animated gifs with a music track behind each image) – but beautifully executed. I’d be interested to learn what you think? See the full layout here: VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN view in any browser (not just iPad).

ps. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch knows that if you’re a member of (Edinburgh) Library you get your full online newspapers for free, subscription or otherwise…?

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