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Why brands should tune into audio ads to maximize audience reach in Q4



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September 2, 2022 | 5 min read

As Q4 approaches, brands and agencies begin gearing up with campaigns, budgets and strategies to prepare for the end of the year

At such a busy and competitive time of the year, advertisers must use their marketing budgets strategically to produce advertising and marketing campaigns that reach target audiences and deliver impactful messages just in time for the upcoming holiday season. And not to mention that with the Football World Cup moving to the final two months of 2022, brands will be clambering to get their message heard more than ever.

The time it takes to reach out to creative agencies, provide assets, produce content and get approvals for most traditional forms of advertising (from video to billboard placements) can have a significant turnaround time. Pressure to push out campaigns and promotions under strict deadlines during the holidays can bring stressful challenges to brands and agencies who need to get their campaigns out on time.

To use advertising spend strategically, brands and agencies need to find efficient and cost-worthy ad mediums to deliver their campaigns impactfully and quickly. In-game audio ads are an innovative and cost-effective solution.

Supported by quick turnarounds, they can reach a massive audience of over 3 billion mobile gamers worldwide. With such a profitable market to tap into - advertisers should factor in audio ads in their Q4 budgets to maximize reach for their campaigns. The opportunity to connect with users in their downtime with key audio messages at specific times of day becomes even more powerful in such a busy quarter of activity.

Audio ads have quick turnaround times

Most advertising formats require a standard of creative briefs, processes and multiple revisions before being formally approved and going live. Advertisers rely on creative agencies, graphic designers, and copywriters to make the creatives for their campaigns. Communicating to all these different groups is already a challenge that significantly affects the average turnaround time. The simple yet malleable requirements to launch an audio ad mean there is far less red tape to navigate to reach execution.

Given that a lot of advertising relies on video or visuals that naturally take more time to create and approve - audio ads are a far more resource-efficient way that is more direct and can push out creatives faster. Additionally, 75% of gamers prefer audio ads over video because they find them more enjoyable and thus are more well received, delivering your message without compromising engagement and creativity.

Fast approval processes

A huge benefit of using in-game audio ads compared to other formats is how audio ads have a quick approval process. Audio ad briefs are typically direct and simple - advertisers know what they want to communicate to audiences - so for a company like Audiomob, which specializes in in-game audio ads, getting creatives done after receiving briefs is a quick process.

Audiomob then connects brands with game developers looking to monetize and ease the approval process and time it takes to get campaigns pushed live. Developers are as eager as ever to monetize their games and team up with advertising agencies to place their ads in their games. Developers get to monetize and team up with a brand, and brands and agencies get their campaigns pushed out in perfect timing - without the pressure of waiting for different levels of approvals and sign-offs.

Cost-effective for holiday budgets

Working with in-flexible budgets and timelines is a challenge many advertisers face during Q4 and the holidays. Not only are advertising spaces during the final quarter of the year significantly competitive, but extremely expensive. Audio ads are cost-effective and can maximize incremental reach that helps achieve campaign goals effectively. In-game audio ads simply need to be made and placed into games, which costs less than spending on large advertising campaigns.

Audiomob really believes in creating bespoke, relevant audio pieces that suit the engaging nature of mobile gamers. We team up with many creative partners to mock up and create award-winning audio ads that suit the gaming space. Not to say a standard audio piece does not work within mobile games (as extensive research shows attention levels are high), but join this with a bespoke creative, and campaigns have an even higher opportunity for success.

The effectiveness of the in-game audio ad method is due to the nature of mobile games, which creates an engaging environment for the billions of gamers worldwide immersed in their game. While advertisers can spend thousands on billboards or tv ads, audiences can still be distracted by other stimuli. However, gamers who are engaged and tuned into their mobile devices can receive and understand the messages they hear from in-game audio ads. The power of audio, combined with its non-intrusive nature, creates an enormous impact worth using advertising spend on, compared to other passive forms of advertising that are less impactful on audiences.

Audio ads are proving to be an innovative and powerful medium that is revolutionizing the future of advertising. Using audio ads provides a quick turnaround time that is advantageous for brands and agencies during Q4 and the holiday season looking to get their campaigns and ads live and active within tight deadlines. In-game audio ads are effective and help create an incremental reach that connects brands to massively large and diverse gaming audiences.

Mobile Gaming Audio Advertising Audio Ads


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