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What is dynamic creative, and what does it mean for digital out-of-home advertising?

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May 27, 2022 | 5 min read

Dynamic creative is a type of advertising that uses data to inform specific elements within an individual advertising creative asset

Deploying promotional offers, sports scores, directions to a nearby retailer, stock prices, traffic patterns or local weather conditions, brands can tap into the power of dynamic creative to create personalization at scale through their marketing campaigns.

Until recently, dynamic capabilities were extremely limited in the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising due to the multitude of screen formats that are managed by several different providers; thus, they use varying player software and hardware. This forced marketers to choose between activating dynamic OOH campaigns with just one provider or leveraging several OOH networks using relatively limited creative capabilities.

For the first time, advertisers can now activate dynamic creative campaigns at scale across the complete digital out-of-home (DOOH) ecosystem.

How does this work?

Thanks to recent tech advancements, advertisers can now run dynamic creative campaigns at scale across all digital out-of-home networks. This is made possible by an SSP rendering service, which instantly converts dynamic creatives to an image at the moment of transaction, so even media networks that do not directly support dynamic creative can seamlessly display the campaign.

Today, buyers can leverage a standardized spec that works reliably on all major DOOH software stacks that are used today. This solution is built to provide maximum flexibility in working with different external data feeds, whether an advertiser has in-house proprietary data or is working with a preferred data partner.

How can I use dynamic creatives for my brand?

Dynamic creative files act as a frame, so brands can easily swap out the creative content of their ad. For example, with a dynamic feed, an advertiser can show one product discount to people in specific DMAs within California, and a different product discount to people in specific DMAs in New York. With dynamic creatives, any element in an ad - including headlines, images, and more - can be swapped out.

When it comes to dynamic creative, the sky's the limit for how you can customize your advertisements based on data inputs. Here are a few compelling use cases:

  • Nearest store location: DOOH is a proven advertising channel for driving foot traffic to specific retail locations. With dynamic creative, your ads can direct consumers to the nearest store and show details on the distance to get there.

  • Sports details: Whether you are seeking to drive tune-in, sell tickets, promote a betting platform, or encourage visits or sales around a social viewing moment, pulling in the latest match up details or even in-game scores creates urgency and relevance.

  • Weather: Easily swap products/offers being displayed or update copy to capitalize on current weather conditions.

  • Product promotions: Maybe your product is sold at different brand-name retail stores, and you want to highlight the partner closest to the ad play (for example, “Pick up a Pepsi at Walgreens”). Or perhaps you are promoting different discount offers in different geographic locations at different times. With dynamic creative, you can easily deliver specific promotional messaging without needing to create hundreds of different assets and individual flights.

  • Countdowns (or ups): New store openings, lotteries & contests, major product launches, appointment viewership broadcasts and events are perfect fits to take advantage of countdown creatives, building excitement and reinforcing specific timing for your audience.

  • Day of week / time of day: Easily change the specific product or offering displayed to be most relevant for the day of week or time of day for the location where the ad will be displayed, without needing to individually flight separate creatives.

How do I get started?

For the easiest experience planning a digital out-of-home campaign that takes advantage of dynamic creative capabilities, you'll need to be prepared to answer the following questions:'

1.) Do you have the necessary creative assets?

Confirm that you are leveraging static (not video) creatives.

Understand what asset sizes are available.

Indicate if you will need assistance in building the creatives.

2.) Decide which content will change dynamically.

As you develop the creative concept and strategy, you should identify how many and which elements of the ad you plan to swap out dynamically.

3.) How “real-time” is the data/information in your creatives?

Determine what the expiry window of your information is (for example, the expiry window of a sports game score may be as short as three minutes, whereas a store location detail may last the entire campaign flight).

4.) Does your campaign require any custom mappings?

Prepare the schedules of any time-based promotions.

Determine your preferred RSS feed, if relevant.

5.) Are there any other requirements for your creatives?

For example, your creative might require a disclaimer that displays the time or date of when the last update displayed.

6.) Do you have specific media in mind for your campaign?

Decide your preferred DOOH venue types.

Are there any specific media owner networks you want to run on?

Want to learn more or strategize on how to put dynamic creative to use for your upcoming campaign? Reach out today, and a programmatic DOOH expert from Vistar will be in touch.

Creative and Design DSP Dynamic Creative


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