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The Creatology Report: Episode Two Goes Live



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June 1, 2020 | 4 min read

Cult Futures' white paper explains the implications of Total Tech Immersion for Brands

Cult Futures' white paper explains the implications of Total Tech Immersion for Brands

Cult Futures is the new insight and incubation program launched by Cult, one of the world’s fastest growing independent creative agencies. Episode Two of The Creatology Report explores how traditional consumer/ brand virtual interactions are becoming obsolete. As Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are being embraced by technology giants creating a groundswell of applications, the concept of an interface is rapidly expanding. Innovators are rethinking how to transform the online experience from simply an extension of an event or an e-commerce platform, into standalone immersive journeys, digital theme parks or branded flagships – destinations in their own right.

The combination of smart cities and 5G environments that can layer contextualized information on to streets, homes or any scenario, will create a transcendent internet experience rich in opportunities for creativity, immersive brand storytelling and more. Start-ups, creatives and brands are already experimenting with the technology. Total Immersion promises to be the future of everything from art exhibitions to shopping malls. Episode Two reveals the role brands can play in this exciting new era. Prepare for Total Immersion.

Written in collaboration with leading futurist and award-winning author Lucie Greene, who has spent over a decade consulting for the world’s most influential Fortune 500 brands, the report includes interviews with the world’s pioneering AI creatives, digital artists and virtual brand owners to inspire brands to be brave and spark marketing innovation. The image shows 3Dior Makeup, fun and festive makeup in augmented reality, inspired by the Dior makeup 2020 holiday ColleCtion.

“The concept of the internet as a destination we enter through a laptop, screen or smartphone is becoming obsolete as we enter the world of Total Immersion. It’s an era where houses and cities are invisibly connected, where our environments read us and respond in real-time and where augmented reality becomes a virtual layer collapsing the divide between what is physical and what is virtual. As our online essentially becomes our “reality” during Covid-19, we’re also on the precipice of huge exploration for what digital products, experiences and online environments look like.” Lucie Greene, Futurist

Download Episode 2 here:

The third and final episode of The Creatology Report ‘Super Convergence’ will drop on June 15th

From e-sports teams that ooze street cred at a lifestyle pop-up to an edgy, shoppable lingerie show on Amazon Prime, platforms are fast blending and overlapping in concentrated, new creative ways, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Social platforms such as Spotify are becoming entertainers and social networks. User-generated video platforms are becoming akin to e-commerce sites, with payment options baked in. Virtual malls are also games and social networks. And, in the current climate of isolation and social distancing forced on us by Covid-19, online streaming platforms like Zoom and Houseparty are doing double duty as virtual community spaces and settings for brand events, game nights, classes, designer fairs and more. In this hyper-connected digital universe, the merging of social media, e-commerce, music, payments, and entertainment allows us to enjoy more intuitive online engagement, and it also opens the gates wide for creative innovation – especially as digital interactions become more pervasive in every area of life, and emerge as the new normal in the midst of the pandemic. This fusion has already been giving rise to a wave of multi-disciplinary creatives who are merging motion design with sound design, gaming metrics, video and more, buoyed by swift technological advancements in production quality and the ever-expanding imaginations of brand audiences. What does this mean for creativity and brands?

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