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Maximizing the marketing funnel: the role of customer success

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October 31, 2023 | 3 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, customer success (CS) teams have emerged as indispensable contributors to marketing funnel strategies

Their influence reaches far beyond post-sale support, extending across various stages of the funnel.

Let’s explore how the customer success team plays a pivotal role at each stage of the marketing funnel, ultimately driving leads and fostering long-term business growth.


At the awareness stage, the primary focus is on introducing potential customers to your brand. While customer success might not be the primary player here, they can aid the marketing team in creating awareness. One way to achieve this is through webinars, panel discussions, or article writing. By sharing their expertise and insights, customer success teams can position themselves as thought leaders, becoming the go-to resource for customers researching their software options. Leveraging overall customer marketing content and gathering G2 reviews or conducting customer surveys can further enhance brand visibility.


While the role of customer success is largely focused on the customer and the post-sale ecosystem of the business, there are ways in which CS can offer scalable support to the marketing funnel and sales strategy. It can be very effective to leverage CS for scalable initiatives such as recorded product demonstrations or case study development. Additionally, for larger enterprise prospective clients, CS leadership can step in to walk them through a more customized overview of what the customer success journey will look like. This personalized approach helps build trust and ensures that the customer's specific needs and concerns are addressed.


As potential customers move into the consideration and evaluation stage, the customer success team can provide valuable insights. They can offer real-world examples of how existing customers have benefited from the product, sharing more in-depth knowledge of case studies or success stories. These stories serve as powerful proof points, instilling confidence in potential customers and helping them make informed decisions.


After a customer makes a purchase, the role of the customer success team takes center stage. New customers are introduced to onboarding specialists who ensure a smooth transition into using the product. This phase focuses on solidifying the foundational layer of product adoption to prevent quick apathy. Furthermore, a seamless handover between onboarding specialists and customer success managers is essential, allowing the latter to work on long-term strategies for customer success. By nurturing the relationship and guiding customers in realizing the full potential of the product, the CS team contributes to long-term retention.


This is where the customer success team truly shines. Customer success managers (CSMs) should aim to be seen as an extension of the client's team, dedicated to creating a best-in-class service experience. By delivering exceptional service, CSMs cultivate organic growth and customer advocacy. They take pride in their work, recognizing that they have the power to make someone's day better, help them excel at their job, work more efficiently, and perhaps even earn a promotion. Customers who have experienced such exceptional service are more likely to remain loyal, become advocates for your brand, and potentially bring your product with them to their new roles.

The customer success team is an integral part of the marketing funnel due to its multifaceted contributions throughout the customer journey. From creating awareness to nurturing loyalty, CS teams play a vital role in driving leads and building a strong foundation for sustainable business growth. When marketing and customer success collaborate effectively, the results can be truly transformative.


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