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Brave Spark joins forces with NSWA to celebrate the natural taste of natural source waters



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October 26, 2020 | 4 min read

People are naturally 60% water

Water is a big part of us yet most people don’t spend much time thinking about the water they choose to drink. The Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA) who represent nine producers of natural source waters exist to challenge and change this way of thinking by demonstrating the benefits of drinking natural source waters.

In 2020 NSWA partnered with creative production agency Brave Spark to develop a thought-provoking category campaign that would increase people's awareness and understanding of the value of natural source waters for their healthy hydration, natural taste and packaging recyclability.

Dispelling the water myths

Our shared ambition was to challenge head on some long-standing myths about ‘bottled water’. Contrary to common misunderstanding, all bottled water sold in the UK is all from a natural source and not from the tap.

Natural source waters produced by the members of the NSWA, come from protected underground sources that are free from pollution and they are not chemically treated, unlike tap water. As well as all their bottles being 100% recyclable, natural source waters have the lowest environmental impact of any soft drink on the shelf.

Inspired by the truth that natural tasting water doesn’t come with limits, our creative vision was to craft a campaign that would celebrate the natural taste of natural source waters, differentiate between them and tap water, and reassure consumers that all PET plastic used for water bottles is recyclable. To celebrate what makes natural source waters special and encourage healthy hydration across the UK.

Celebrating Uncapped Natural Taste

Our collective vision led the Brave Spark and NSWA team to a bustling and dynamic skatepark in South London because much like water, skateboarding is about flow and has an energy, freedom and grace in its movement. Cleverly orchestrated by director Dan Magee, here we captured footage of Liisa Chisholm, a talented, determined and relentless female skateboarder, mastering her local skate park.

The core campaign tagline ‘Uncapped Natural Taste’ emerged as a message that highlights and combines the key features of the product; from underground natural sources, not from tap and the non-chemically treated natural taste.

Skating the curves of the concrete park like waves, Liisa’s riding style brought a natural energy and flow to the film. With every twist and turn of Liisa’s skateboard we superimposed the sound of flowing water to further accentuate Liisa’s natural power being unleashed as she mastered her craft in the skatepark.

To accompany this dramatic soundscape, we used a careful balance of 3D VFX to visualise the natural landscape of natural source water and emphasise Liisa’s inner power. Working closely with graffiti artist, Jeremy Jones, we ensured that everything Liisa’s board touched left graffiti ripples like water, imprinting an intricate mural of a natural spring on the urban landscape.

In just under 8 weeks, Brave Spark produced a hero film, supporting cutdown films and designed and built a visually engaging landing page to continue to dispel myths about natural source waters. The campaign is a true celebration but also an important reminder that natural source water is one of the healthiest ways for people to keep hydrated.

Kinvara Carey, General Manager at Natural Source Waters Association said:

“With the Government focus on tackling obesity, there has never been a better time to encourage healthier eating and drinking. Natural source waters represent a positive, healthy choice while also having the lowest environmental footprint within the soft drink’s category. It has been great to work with Brave Spark on a powerful campaign to bring this message of natural, healthy hydration, linking it back to the source, to a key audience”.

Creative Agency Video Production VFX


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