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April 23, 2021 | 5 min read

With 22

2 million Canadians anticipated to transact digitally this year, brands more than ever need the right data to reach their best online customers. Eyeota is expanding its audience targeting solutions in Canada by partnering with leading data providers such as Environics Analytics (EA). We invited EA’s senior VP and practice leader, Darryl Coburn to share some insight into changing consumer behavior, what makes EA insights unique, opportunities for marketers using data for digital marketing in 2021 and much more.

As senior VP and practice leader for the media and agency industries, Darryl Coburn focuses on providing analytics solutions and innovative data strategies for clients. With over 20 years of experience in national advertising sales in television and digital, he has led sales teams across the country, overseeing advertising revenue and the development of data-enabled products.

Environics Analytics is described as one of North America’s leading data, analytics and marketing services companies, can you share any insights into changing consumer behaviors in the last 12 months?

As we pass the one year anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the transition to online services and shopping has accelerated faster than anticipated back in 2019. This has resulted in both consumers and advertisers being more engaged in the digital landscape. Digital reach has grown, but it is still important to be targeting audiences who are most likely to respond to your advertised value proposition. Whether it is a government service announcement, a new product launch, a financial services solution or an automotive advertisement, advertisers still need to have clearly defined target groups, messaging and creative that will resonate with them and the ability to find those groups online.

What makes Environics Analytics' insights unique?

Our geo-contextual data has been modelled down to the six digit postal code, the smallest level of geography that is considered privacy-compliant in Canada. EA provides over 30,000 data points for every residential postal code in Canada, so our clients are not limited to just national or major market overviews. They can find their audiences on the ground and can activate against their acquired insights. We are transparent regarding the inputs of what goes into our data, ensuring that advertisers who use it can be confident that the data is privacy-compliant and built using the best methodology. Our data is used by advertisers across all industries in Canada including consumer products, automotive, financial services, government, not-for-profit, retail, real estate and others. By combining advertiser first-party data with EA data, our clients can gain a better understanding of their own customer base and the market, build their strategies around acquisition and retention, create target audiences for those strategies and then activate them across all media channels. And they can do it from any level of geography, from individual neighborhoods to the whole of Canada.

Eyeota works with Environics Analytics to activate its valuable consumer attitudes, characteristics and behavioral insights as digital audiences, are there any new updates to our partnership this year?

We have just loaded our PRIZM segmentation into the Eyeota platform. PRIZM features 67 segments that capture current demographics, lifestyles and values in Canada, developed using dozens of authoritative Canadian data sources. In providing PRIZM, EA does not collect, use or disclose any personally identifiable information on any individual or household. We are excited that advertisers will be able to activate with PRIZM segments in the Eyeota platform, enabling them to precisely target audiences they have built using PRIZM and other EA data.

What is Environics Analytics' positioning in the identity and cookieless landscape?

Our geo-contextual data is available to help fill in the gaps as third-party cookies disappear. We work with any organizations who are developing solutions for the next phase of digital advertising in the cookieless landscape. These organizations are ahead of the regulatory bodies and are working to put together a framework that benefits both the advertiser and the consumer. The push for privacy and transparency is getting stronger. As more consumers move online, their need to understand how their personal information is being collected and the ability to control how advertisers use their data is critical to this digital evolution.

What are the opportunities for marketers using data in 2021?

With change comes new opportunities to think about your consumers and prospects differently. There is an expanded audience that has shifted from brick and mortar to digital, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online shopping as part of their routine. With the upcoming change in the cookieless landscape, this is the time to revisit your audience models. What line items are defining your target? What is likely to disappear in the next year? How can you incorporate new data sources and deploy against them? It is a chance to evaluate the current campaign practices and new opportunities. Run some A/B tests with your new ideas. Test a non-cookie solution against a campaign that is running using third-party cookie models. Unlike the way COVID-19 resulted in disruption in the consumer landscape, this is a grace period where marketers have a safety net to test, learn and innovate. Take advantage of it.

Want to find out more about using Environics Analytics for digital marketing?

With Eyeota, Environics Analytics audiences are available for campaign activation in Canada. Contact our Audience Specialists at to request your custom targeting solution today!

Audience Targeting Identity Cookieless


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