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5 pro tips on selecting marketing images for businesses



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June 17, 2021 | 4 min read

One effective way for businesses to develop their sales funnels and optimize their budget is by using microstocks

Today, most small enterprises utilize stock content in creating almost everything they share online because it lets small companies effortlessly manage several communication channels.

However, without proper knowledge of business demands, selecting stock visual materials can be an arduous task. Depositphotos, a platform with a library of 208 million files, prepared several tips on how to select visual materials for your business easily and effectively.

1. Understand your audience’s aesthetic code

Aesthetic codes contain the most remarkable preferences of existing and potential clients, including what the audience finds attractive and appealing.

Try to be flexible, and always use things in line with what your audience will want. Try to find out things that are aesthetically appealing to your audience. Things like the interior of their personal space, dominant colors, or favorite shapes can solve the puzzle of the audience’s preferences and help shape the brand's customer image.

You can also make a list of things you think they’d like. It might help you collect the right video and visual materials oriented to your audience’s aesthetic preferences.

2. Create a mood board that demonstrates the values of your company

The first advice helps you recognize the visual language of the target audience. However, you’ll have to put more effort into creating a powerful long-term connection with your public. You need to be able to inspire your audience with new ideas.

You can achieve this by providing them with illustrations. This will help clarify your message and ensure that you get the desired emotional responses throughout your sales funnel. A mood board will help reflect the benefits and solutions you’re offering to the public. You can use such a board as guidance before searching for the right images on Depositphotos.

3. Perform A/B testing and monitor the metrics

The creation of a powerful sales funnel takes a lot of effort and time. This process demands using analytics, continuous data-driven development, and regular testing. The aim is to achieve high conversions and marketing automation.

It is important to ensure that at every step of your sales funnel, there are multiple options for visuals, communication campaigns, and messages. Conducting A/B testing will help you learn customer behaviour and develop ways to improve the conversion rate of the campaign.

For example, at the interest stage of your sales funnel, you can decide to use two different methods to handle leads. The first method will lead them to a landing page with a contact form for a free webinar. The second method utilizes an explanation video in which you ask them to subscribe to your blog for regular updates. With this, you’ll know what your audience is likely to respond to the most.

4. Track visual trends and other popular topics

Depositphotos annually presents comprehensive research of the latest visual trends. It can be best used to understand the dynamic nature of the developing visual world.

Each trend will help you realize the important issues in ecology, culture, economics, politics, and society. Find a trend that is relevant to your business and use it to set up a conversation with your audience.

5. Collect the most memorable samples for your usage

Keeping powerful and inspiring pictures in one place for later usage can be very efficient for an advertising campaign, creating the unique image of the brand. Depositphotos offers such a possibility. In your account, you can quickly save images into the ‘Favorites’ folder, just like on social media, and always keep the perfect visuals on hand.

Wrapping up

With these five tricks, you can easily stock up on marketing images. You don’t have to get lost in stock photo libraries anymore, and you can now easily improve your marketing campaign with stock photos.

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