4 must-know consumer insights to fuel your Ramadan mobile marketing campaigns



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March 27, 2024 | 6 min read

Amid one of Asia’s biggest festive seasons, Ramadan, learn how you can elevate your existing Ramadan campaigns with mobile. Dive into four key consumer insights and strategies.

Togetherness, treats, and travel: yes, we are in the thick of an important festive season in Asia: Ramadan. Millions are celebrating their sense of community and connection, shopping for gifts for their loved ones and even meeting them in different cities. But while every street and Ramadan bazar is filled with shoppers and travellers, there is one on-the-go medium that has all of them together: mobile.

Mobile’s role in Ramadan shopping is now bigger than ever before. From learning about products and deals to researching options and making the final purchase, mobile lies at the heart of it all. See how it can take your current Ramadan marketing campaigns to the next level. Read on for the season’s top four consumer insights and strategies based on a recent study in Indonesia.

1. Ramadan shoppers research throughout the season

While shopping starts over two weeks before Ramadan begins, it lasts throughout the season. There is a significant number of people completing their purchases as late as a week or two before Idul-Fitri/Hari Raya. 

Research shows that 85% of Indonesians said they would spend time exploring products, deals, and brands before making the final purchase. Mobile is the shoppers’ primary channel for such research, with 97% Indonesians stating they explored options on their devices.

How marketers can leverage this now

Stay present as long as the Ramadan period lasts. Bring consumers your offers and products with a single tap on the smart lock screen and drive action such as website visits and app opens so they can explore more of your offerings.

2. Consumers not only browse but also buy on mobile

Mobile is a well-known channel for exploring products, brands, and discounts, but did you know a majority of consumers buy products there? As much as 73% of Indonesian Ramadan shoppers said that is where they would make their purchases for the season. Across the shopping journey, mobile leads as the channel of choice for a vast majority of shoppers. With 60% of Indonesians having increased online shopping spends, it is safe to say mobile shopping is massive during this season.

How marketers can leverage this now

Use mobile to go beyond showcasing products. Enhance purchase consideration and drive visits to shopping apps or e-commerce stores. This is a great strategy to apply even outside of the festive season. See how Pepsodent drove purchase consideration for its Complete 8 toothpaste from the first mobile touchpoint with a 5.2x higher click-through rate.

3. Every Ramadan shopper is in a different state of mind

No two shoppers are the same, and during Ramadan, the excitement and rush reaches a whole new level. Based on the research among Indonesian Ramadan shoppers, consumers can be divided into three categories based on the stage of decision-making they are at:

Unplanned shoppers

These consumers have not decided what to buy. They wait for the right time to purchase products and mostly rely on deals. They are constantly on the lookout, researching for weeks, and they also tend to shop much later in the season.

Category explorers

These consumers know what items to buy but have not finalized the exact product they will purchase. These shoppers are always in research mode, comparing brands, deals, and products. They have started shopping already and spend weeks exploring options before making the final purchase.

Brand lovers

These consumers are loyalists and have decided exactly what product to buy from which brand. These are the lowest in number but are willing to pay a good price for their favorite products and brands. These shoppers have already begun their shopping journeys.

But while all of these shoppers are different, there is one common threat that unites them: mobile is their primary channel for shopping.

How marketers can leverage this now

Step in and appear before these shoppers on their smartphones: it is never too late. For most of these shoppers, research on products and deals lasts for weeks. This means you can build brand love and make an impact on them with intuitive experiences no matter what stage of decision-making they are at.

4. Indonesians seek content-first shopping experiences

During Ramadan, consumers spend a lot of time on mobile, enjoying the content that interests them with just one tap. Survey data from Indonesians shows the top categories that will see engagement this season are gaming, beauty, food, fashion, and fitness. This indicates a penchant for content-led experiences as they are highly likely to resonate with them.

How marketers can leverage this now 

Enable content-driven experiences for Ramadan shoppers with a single tap on their smartphones. This ensures that the viewer develops an instant connection with your brand, thanks to the content being of interest to them. An example of success with this strategy is how Indofood Freiss launched its new packaging with a seamless live cooking stream exactly at Indonesians’ Ramadan fast-breaking time. 

This gave them delicious recipes, offered a glimpse of the new problem-solving spill-proof syrup packaging, and encouraged them to buy the product at a great discount. The results were phenomenal, with a whopping 102% of the coupon redemption target being met.


Build connections that stay strong

Ultimately, remember that Ramadan is a time of connection. Every effort that is a step toward recognizing and celebrating what matters to your audience will make an impact. When you are present where they are at the moment that they are seeking what your brand offers, you can resonate with them and make a difference. The magic lies in seamless, interesting, and intuitive experiences, and that is what will make your brand memorable this season and beyond.


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