By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

May 23, 2024 | 3 min read

The spot is part of the new campaign ‘For Humans and Other Social Beings’ and has all the recognizable assets the beer brand is known for. It’s our favorite bit of creative today.

In a milestone for the brand, Beavertown has announced its first-ever TV ad since its 2011 beginning. Founded by Robert Plant’s son Logan Plant, the brewer has become synonymous with its recognizable skull illustrations and animations.

For its first foray on to the small screen, the brand has brilliantly taken the relatable scenarios of being down the pub with your mates and telling tales over a drink. Of course, the twist is that each character has had the Beavertown skull treatment.

On the surface, it seems like a simple idea, but where the magic comes in is the ability to make the viewer relate to these skulls. The voices are a smorgasbord of accents, the facial ‘features’ move like human faces and the stories told between the pubgoers are engaging. The movements are spot on, the ad having been shot in live-action format before being animated. The tales and the people are all very much real.

The ad has a dry wit, but it’s not in-your-face funny. It can quite cleverly be adapted for social channels and even out-of-home ads, encouraging people to retell their own stories between friends.

We caught up exclusively with the brand about how the ad came to be, read the interview here.


Beavertown marketing director: Tom Rainsford

Beavertown creative director: Nick Dwyer

Beavertown head of brand marketing: Will Gunton

Client producer: Tracy Stokes, Like Minded Individuals

Agency creative director: Ed Morris

Concept/writer: Ed Morris

Agency creative team (outdoor only): Samantha Jenkins, James Springall

Directors: Ed Morris, Alice Bloomfield

Production companies: Riff Raff Films, Black Dog Films

Production co-producer: Frank Hanrahan, Riff Raff Films

Production co-producer: Holly Wolfers, Black Dog

Production co-exec producer: Tracey Cooper, Riff Raff Films

Production co-exec producer: Martin Roker, Black Dog

Editor: Charlie Von Rotberg, Stitch Editing

Edit producer: Alice Clarke, Stitch Editing

Sound studio: King Lear Studios

Sound designer: Dugal Macdiarmid

Music: Sliced Tomatoes by Just Brothers

Music company: Eclectic Sounds

Post-production: 1920 VFX

Post-producer: Ross Culligan

Colorist: Oliver Banks T

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