By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

April 25, 2024 | 3 min read

Dunkin’s latest campaign whisks viewers away on a fairytale journey about its Cold beverage line, which helps consumers make great iced coffee at home.

You’re not the only one entranced by the magic of iced coffee; your favorite fairytale characters might be, too.

That’s according to the donut and coffee chain Dunkin’, which released a whimsical campaign that transports viewers into the beloved fairytales of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the mystical realm of a genie’s magic lamp.

In this fantastical world, the allure of Dunkin’s Cold beverage line knows no bounds.

In the first spot, which went live earlier this month, Goldilocks, with her golden hair and mischievous grin, sneaks into the cozy kitchen of the three bears. But instead of porridge, she indulges in Dunkin’ Cold at-home beverages, perfectly chilled to her liking. As she tries each one, she says, “This one is just right.”

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The second ad, which premieres April 29, takes us to the desert sands where a weary traveler stumbles upon a magic lamp. He waits for a genie to grant him three wishes, but the genie can’t be bothered. He’s enjoying an iced coffee from his bed, made with Dunkin’ Cold.

The creative marks the latest installment of ‘The home with Dunkin’ is where you want to be’ campaign, which explores how Dunkin’ fans drink their favorite iced coffee from the comfort of their homes.

The work aims to captivate young people who are hooked on cold coffee. According to the brand, half of Gen Z and nearly 40% of millennials are hooked on cold coffee.

“More people are getting their iced coffee fix at home and we want to be at the forefront of the trend with our expanded selection of Dunkin’ Cold at-home products,” said Lee Lust, director of marketing at the JM Smucker Company. “This new campaign gets right to the heart of enjoying your favorite Dunkin’ Cold coffee from the comfort of your home.”

The campaign extends beyond television screens, with Goldilocks and the Genie taking on the role of content creators on social media, which will show viewers how to enhance their daily routines with Dunkin’ Cold.

The ad campaign was led by the creative agency BBH USA.

“Iced and cold brew coffee has been a staple of Dunkin’ drinkers for years, so it’s been exciting to see it make its way to the at-home space,” remarked Alan Wilson, BBH USA’s senior vice-president and group creative director. “Product innovation always presents a great opportunity to evolve a campaign. And cold coffee allowed us to explore different corners of our fantastical Dunkin’ world, like a desperate wisher lost in the desert or a thirsty mischief-maker on a hot summer’s day.”

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