By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

April 24, 2024 | 3 min read

What’s great about this spot is that it puts real consumer behavior at the heart of the ad. It’s something many can relate to, but not everyone might admit to, landing it our top pick.

Stella Artois knows that you probably have one of its glasses in your cupboard right now. And you know what? It doesn’t care.

That’s the whole point of the beer brand’s new ad, ‘Missing Chalices,’ which plays on cheeky consumer behavior.

What makes this spot from David New York so brilliant is that it positions stealing the glasses as somewhat of a tradition while highlighting them as a must-have memory of a good night out. It unites its customers with a shared response of: “Yeah, I’ve swiped one before.”

The spot is perfectly topped off with a seductive soundtrack that features smooth vocals singing, “I don’t really know how I got here, baby,” as the camera slowly pans across various kitchens. It has a wonderfully witty touch that keeps the viewer engaged throughout the 40-seconds.

Ultimately, the brand might not mind, but what about the pub owners?


David New York

Global chief creative officer and partner: Pancho Cassis

Global chief creative officer: Sylvia Panico

Chief creative officer: André Toledo

Creative director: Linus Oura, Sébastien Rouvière

Associate creative director: Guilherme Pinheiro

Managing director: Luiza Prata Carvalho

Account director: Mandy Boddy

Head of production: Brenda Morrison Fell

Senior producer: Este Najera

Associate producer: Sophie Fried

Business affairs director: Barbara Karalis

Business affairs manager: Catalina Pena

Global PR director: Sandra Azedo

ABInBev (Stella Artois)

Global vice-president, Premium Co: Richard Oppy

Global vice-president, Stella Artois: Tim Ovadia

Global marketing director: Andre Amaral

Premium brands manager: Camila Plass

Marketing director: Lina Maria Aguirre

Marketing brand manager: Diego Soffia


Director: Rafa Damy

Creative director: Felipe Luchi

Head of production: Paty Silveira

Line producer: Vitor L. Meyer

Producer: Hellen Gazetta

First assistant director: Cauê da Silva Pereira

Pickle Music

Executive creative director: Alexis Estiz

Managing director: James Zavaleta

Producer: Matt Kerr

Associate producer: Carolina Lage

Composer/engineer: Dario Calequi

Creative Creative Works Stella Artois

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