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By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

April 17, 2024 | 4 min read

A completely unscripted commercial titled ‘Mom Knows Best’ celebrates the real stories of mothers who used Organic Mother’s Milk Tea while they were nursing.

Today, Traditional Medicinals, a beloved organic herbal tea brand, has unveiled ‘Mom Knows Best,’ an unscripted commercial for the brand’s Organic Mother’s Milk Tea.

Unlike traditional advertisements, ‘Mom Knows Best’ features no actors and no scripts but rather genuine testimonials of mothers who used Mother’s Milk Tea to help them breastfeed.

Mother’s Milk Tea is not only one of Traditional Medicinals’ most well-known products but also asserts itself as the number one lactation tea in the United States. Formulated in 1978, the caffeine-free tea boasts the herbs anise and fennel, which, as traditional European remedies would suggest, can assist in breastfeeding.

“The ‘Mom Knows Best’ campaign is founded on the understanding that mothers often turn to each other for guidance on motherhood, embracing the truth that mothers indeed know best,” Kristel Corson, chief marketing officer of Traditional Medicinals, told The Drum. “They embody the essence of resilience and wisdom, juggling numerous roles seamlessly. This campaign seeks to celebrate real mothers – highlighting their genuine stories and experiences with Organic Mother’s Milk Tea – rather than relying on actors. Our goal is to credit the authenticity and shared wisdom of motherhood, reinforcing the value of real-life experiences and communal knowledge among mothers.”

The new campaign also marks a shift in Traditional Medicinals’ marketing strategy, moving from product-centric messaging to narrative-driven storytelling. By spotlighting the experiences of real mothers, the brand aims to resonate with its target audience: prenatal and postnatal mothers.

“The new generation of moms and soon-to-be moms are seeking brands that understand their journey and offer more than just a product – they look for support, understanding and shared experiences,” said Corson. “By allowing real moms to speak their truth, Traditional Medicinals is engaging with its audience on a more personal and emotional level, which is likely to resonate strongly with new and expectant mothers seeking authenticity and community.”

To bring this campaign to fruition, Guru, Traditional Medicinals’ purpose-driven agency, led the creative development.

“This campaign is deeply rooted in the authenticity of the product,” said Renee Brown, director of client services at Guru. “A personal anecdote from one of our team members, recounting her own journey with Organic Mother’s Milk Tea, was the spark that ignited our creative vision. Motivated by her story, we chose to highlight the real experiences of breastfeeding and pumping mothers. This decision allowed us to present Organic Mother’s Milk Tea through genuine stories rather than a scripted portrayal. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the campaign stays true to the essence of the product, capturing its significant impact on the lives of mothers.”

The decision to go unscripted was a resounding success, as Brown put it, with mothers’ genuine experiences affirming the tea’s impact and trustworthiness.

Reflecting on the working brand-agency relationship, Brown emphasized their synergy and understanding: “Having worked closely with Traditional Medicinals for almost two years, there was already a deep sense of trust and understanding. The composition of our teams – predominantly women, including several mothers—further enriched the collaboration. It felt like a congregation of perspectives that uniquely understood the journey of motherhood, lending authenticity and empathy to the project. This commonality in our backgrounds and experiences empowered us to fully trust in the power of real stories told by real moms.”

The campaign launches today across Amazon, online video, connected TV and paid social channels.

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