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By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

April 17, 2024 | 5 min read

Lisa Materazzo takes the wheel with ‘Freedom of Choice,’ unveiling the brand’s broad range of vehicles and pioneering marketing strategies to engage a new generation of Ford fans.

Motorheads, start your engines. Ford Motor Company, a venerable name in the automotive world, has launched a dynamic bilingual campaign showing off the breadth of its vehicle offerings, aptly titled ‘Freedom of Choice.’

The campaign marks the automaker’s first fully integrated campaign of the year and first ad campaign led by industry heavyweight Lisa Materazzo, who joined Ford about six months ago as its global chief marketing officer.

With a background steeped in success at Toyota, where she led marketing efforts for Lexus, Toyota and Scion, Materazzo is poised to both revolutionize Ford’s brand narrative and captivate a new generation of consumers for the brand.

In her new role, Materazzo oversees advanced product planning and marketing strategies across Ford’s customer-focused business groups: Ford Blue, Ford Model E, and Ford Pro, as well as Ford Performance and Lincoln luxury vehicles. “I am very much a product person, she says.” I love cars [and] I love motorsports, which I believe is very applicable to Ford.”

Freedom of Choice, which launched this month and will run in English and Spanish across all channels until September, aims to illuminate Ford’s expansive product range, which empowers consumers to find the vehicle that best suits their needs.

Featuring a trio of spots – titled ‘Starting Line,’ ‘Get Things Done’ and ‘Power to Do’ – the work spotlights nine different Ford models, with an emphasis on the iconic F-150 pickup, which comes in gas, hybrid and electric models. It also includes a refreshed brand website for an enhanced and simplified consumer shopping experience.

‘Starting Line’ begins with a nostalgic scene at a retro gas station featuring a Ford Bronco. Transitioning seamlessly through cinematic shots, the spot transports viewers to various terrains, showcasing the versatility of Ford vehicles. From rugged desert landscapes to bustling city streets, the spot also shows off the F-150 and the Mustang, symbolizing freedom and adaptability across a range of environments.

A similar message is relayed in ‘Get Things Done,’ a demonstration of the F-150’s prowess. The scene unfolds with a man refueling his F-150 at a gas station before transitioning to a desert setting, where the truck easily hauls a massive trailer and dirt bikes.

The third spot in the campaign, ‘Power to Do,’ will debut on May 4 during the Kentucky Derby.

Leading ‘Freedom of Choice’

When embarking on her first campaign at Ford, Materazzo says she first considered the variety and complexity of today’s vehicle marketplace. She saw this as a chance for the brand to stand out and do something special.

“We saw an opportunity to break through the clutter and remind folks what Ford is at its core and what it stands for, particularly as it relates to American values, and that’s all about freedom,” she says. “It was a natural leap to ‘Freedom of Choice’ that showcases our breadth of product.”

The campaign was created in partnership with the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, which, according to Materazzo, possesses a deep understanding of Ford’s brand, history, products and consumers.

Materazzo’s three-point plan

When it comes to charting the course ahead, Materazzo has three key priorities. The most immediate is growing sales. “That is a big goal this year, with the new products we have launching, along with this campaign welcoming new customers to the breadth of Ford’s products,” she says.

She is also eager to bolster the digital channel,, which has played a pivotal role in the consumer experience since the pandemic.

The third prong of her plan is enhancing the Ford brand beyond its vehicle offerings, extending to its driving experiences, such as the Bronco Off-Roadeo off-roading adventure playground, partnerships like its apparel launch with actor Sydney Sweeney and remote experiences like pick-up and delivery mobile services.

Materazzo’s multifaceted approach to leadership underscores the evolving nature of the role of the CMO beyond traditional media and advertising.

“Media, marketing and advertising are the foundation of the role, but when we think about how we can truly impact customers, it’s about working across all of the touchpoints – paid, earned and owned – and doing so in an environment that is changing faster than it has before,” she says. “That’s a constant challenge, but also a constant opportunity that’s rooted in deeply understanding the customer, the competitive environment and having subject matter expertise in the discipline of marketing.”

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