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By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

April 12, 2024 | 3 min read

A new short film plunges viewers into a dimly lit apartment, where the universal nightmare of tax preparation takes on a life of its own.

Tax season – it’s sure to send shivers down taxpayers’ spines every year.

Bringing these horrors to life is TurboTax Canada, which has today released ‘Undone,’ a bone-chilling short film that spooks viewers with paperwork and looming deadlines. It debuts a mere 18 days before the tax deadline.

Directed by the director-screenwriter-producer Filip Terlecki and starring Mitsuko Noguchi in her debut role alongside Dylan Simpson, the film follows a young woman who is tormented by a tax demon in her apartment. The entity whispers horrifying things to her, like “she puts everything off,” “she’s gonna mess it up” and “she’s running out of time.” (Truth be told, the demon’s dialogue sounds a lot like everyone’s internal monologues during this time of year.)

Just when it seems our heroine is doomed to be buried under piles of paperwork and receipts, a message suddenly appears: “Don’t let tax anxiety take on a life of its own.” Then, a light at the end of the tunnel: she is saved by an online TurboTax agent who guides her through the whole process.

The campaign is informed by a recent TurboTax study, which revealed that 85% of young Canadians are haunted by tax deadline anxiety and stress. Additionally, over 70% of them have faced major life events like relocating, graduating or starting a side gig, which amplify their tax-related stress.

“We know Canadians can experience anxiety around filing their taxes, and TurboTax’s mission is to meet Canadians where they are. We do this by building our products that make it easy for Canadians to file their taxes, regardless of their tax situation. We also market our products through real Canadian experiences,” said Gah-Yee Won, head of marketing for the consumer group at Intuit Canada. “With Undone, TurboTax is continuing to keep in lockstep with culture, ensuring our creative reflects lived experience and lands with impact.”

Citizen Relations led the creative and execution, with media support from Zenith and Laundry Service, social support from Trevor//Peter and influencer support from Goat. The media plan includes digital, social and earned traditional media.

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