By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

April 8, 2024 | 2 min read

The Spanish fashion house isn’t taking itself too seriously here, but its brand ambassadors and garments are still on point. The combination of humor and style makes it the best ad we’ve seen today.

Once again, Loewe has snapped up huge talent to star in its advertising campaign. Last year, it garnered praise for featuring actor Maggie Smith in its Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection campaign. Now, it has enlisted Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy.

What makes the spot so brilliant is that the brand has shown how in tune it is with people’s struggle to pronounce its name. Doing this through a fake spelling bee that continues through the decades is a genius move. By leaning into the confusion, it cleverly kills two birds with one stone, showing its funny side while also setting the record straight once and for all on how the hell you say Loewe.

Both actors appear to have great chemistry, too, while the writing from Levy is sharp. Lines such as “I’m gay as a maypole” and “This is vodka, I’m going to drink it soon” as the contestants struggle to spell Loewe highlight the sarcastic tone of the spot.

Founded in 1846 in Madrid, Loewe is a heritage brand and this ad cleverly showcases how its designs have evolved throughout the years through the styling of each scene that moves through the ages. The way that Plaza’s look and attitude shift as she takes on each new character brings a real entertainment quality.

According to the brand performance platform Kantar Marketplace, this ad will strongly influence consumers' future consideration of purchasing from Loewe due to its strong branding. Viewers found the spot to be enjoyable and powerful.

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